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Long Long After School

No description

Kiera Bigs

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Long Long After School

-Story takes place somewhere in the east coast according to the picture in the English book.
-Sometime around the 1920's when the foxtrot and Paul Jones where a popular dance.
-In the story it says "I'd never danced the foxtrot or anything... the boys grabbed hold of me and made me get into a Paul Jones" (115).

Character Development
-The narrator has his mind closed off and thinks differently then Wes
-He thinks that Miss Tretheway, the lady who has died, was not beautiful. "But Wes, She isn't beautiful...What makes you say that"(113).
-Wes describes why he thought the lady was beautiful.
-The narrator realizes and opens his mind to the idea that Miss Tretheway was not beautiful on the outside but was on the inside. "But somehow I myself had never felt less beautiful, or less of a gentleman"(116).
Racism Video
"Long Long After School"
-First person narration
-Doesn't know everything "Perhaps you remember how the kids used to tease me at school (I didn't, I guess those thing stick in your mind according to which end of the tease you happen to be on)"(113-114).
-Story doesn't meet the criteria for a short story
-Doesn't have a climax
-Theme is about racism because Wes has dark skin and was excluded from things so Miss Tretheway would stand up for him.
-""Your hands are dirty" Miss Tretheway made us both hold out our hands "Why, Marilyn, Wes's hands are much cleaner than yours...""(114).
Ernest Buckler
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