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No description

miriam trabucco

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of FREAK THE MIGHTY

This is a book that will leave you broken hearted, amased and is a great entertainer to all who read it and actually get the concept so be quiet , curl up, and read!!! Also bring a dictionary ,you may need it..

He is a big foot, doofus, is tall than most
people his own age and some beyond
Kevin Avery

freak is a 2 foot male
He has white-yellowish hair
His eyes are the fiercest eyes ever
Do not let him fool you, he does have leg braces

A female with brown hair,deep brown eyes
baggy pants,loose fit shirt and her lush hair
drawn back in a pony tail
Inner Desire:to keep her baby safe(freak's mom)
Her moods are: Kind,Happy,Worried,Sad
Kenny Kane
(killer kane)

He is a tall man,big handed and
big eyebrowed

wants max to know what acually going
on in his life
His moods are MAD,HAPPY,SAD
.A smart old man shorter than max
He also is very stricted and harsh
.His inner desires are to keep max safe
and to keep his family safe
. His emotions are.. very little worried.sad
and most of all responsible and
. A concerned elderly women
that is short and nice and sweet
.Her inner desires are to keep max
. Her moods are worried,scared and most
of all HAPPY,

His inner desires is to be the first bionic human

He is a boy about max's age and has
Teeth and hair ..
Inner Desires: loves to walk and steal
.His emotions are Agressive and Bullying
Milk curdels at the sound of his name and
if he comes.... RUN AWAY or BEWARE
He will crush you like a twig...:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
She is a scrawny women that lives
in the testaments .
Her inner desires: To finally see KIlLER
KANE again after all those years and a bunch
more :(
Her moods are helpful and respectful if she wants to be and is also very mean and rude so thats what happened so far , SHE ALSO GOT CHOKED BY KILLER KANE AND TO GET RUSHED TO THE
HOSPITAL AND HAD TO WEAR A NECK BRACE FOR A WHILE .....:( poor loretta trying to do the \
right thing and she gets hurt in the process and it took a very big toll on her life ..... :(

Do you think it would be better
if only perfect children could
be born ????

Think of your opinion and of others
to see if people agree with you or
my opinion to would it be better if onlu
perfect children could be born is ...
No, because they did not give you all the
information that we need also my aunt
sonya said the same thing because we
both think it would be difficult to
describe if you do not have all the
information to a problem like that
this is my answer to this question
A chubby guy that is a biker and has a
bunch of tatoos of things :) wow
His inner desires are to keep his wife safe
from harms way. To keep the people he
loves safe
His moods are helpful because he and his
wife did try to help max from his father who is
Killer Kane who choked loretta lee (Iggys wife)
almost to death you can imagine the worries of
iggy lee he thought loretta was dead yet she was
not because of what Maxwell said .... POOR
Why do people intimidate or
harass others?????

Think of others such as
Teenagers,Adults,Childerens ???
My opinion to why do people
intimidate or harass others is because well there are alot of reasons i am not going to name them all but the BIGGEST one is
they are jealous of you because
you are different and they dont
want you to be different because all they want to do is crush it....that my answer/.///...........

Would it be better if "learning
disabled" students should learn in
"special" classrooms or in regular
classrooms with other students????
Think about if you ever saw a special
student or what a student in one of
these "special" classrooms feels or
if it hurts them......????????.......
ANSWER :) :) :) :) :) :)
my opinion to whether or not "learning
disabled" kids should learn in a "special" classroom because that way they can learn at their own pace and wont have to be confused on where they are in their work that is my reason but now the question is WHAT'S YOURS ??????
His inner desires is to be the best he can be and
to never give up no matter what..

His important traits are happy, scared, mad,
Max was also kidnapped by father(killer kane)
And was almost completely choked to death by him so max has a rough life because not only that but he remembers his father choking to death his mother in front of him....
It was his birthday and he was teaching grim how to play 3-D chess and all of a sudden had a seisure and ended up in the hospital and died of enlarged heart....

Her baby(freak) dies and so in grief she moves to
california because in that house it will not be the same without him, but unexpectedly she mets a
guy and they start dating ( thats good news but the new guy will NEVER take the place of Freak ( her baby)
Kidnapped his own child and then tries to
choke him to death and just because he remember him killing his mother so isnt he mean and hateful....:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
Also fears for max's life because of killer
kane's action and hopes he will be okay from this troubling time period in his life.
Also fears for max's life because of killer
kane's action and hopes he will be okay from this troubling time period in his life
Mrs Donelli is a English teacher who on the first day sends Max and Freak to the principal and her moods are annoyed and happy (that basically is it there isnt much about her in the book so thats it on
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