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OCPS Code of Conduct 2014-2014 per 1

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Elana Collins

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of OCPS Code of Conduct 2014-2014 per 1

OCPS Code of Conduct
The Vision of Orange County Public Schools is:
To be the top producer of successful students in the nation.
The code applies to all Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12, including high school and
school age students attending either a technical center in a dual-enrollment program or a community school program for high school credit.
Each OCPS student must obey district rules:
• While on school grounds
• While being transported to or from
school at public expense
• During school-sponsored events, such
as field trips, athletic functions, and
similar activities.

Schools also have authority to discipline
students for acts near or related to the school,
when a student’s conduct has a detrimental
effect on the health, safety or welfare of the
student, of other students, of the school or of
school personnel.
While students may be disciplined for infractions according to the responses outlined in this code
of conduct, be aware that there could be additional consequences through law enforcement for acts that violate the law.
OCPS employees are not responsible for supervising students who arrive on school grounds more than 30 minutes before school and 30 minutes before a school sponsored activity is scheduled to begin or students remaining on school grounds more than 30 minutes after school and 30 minutes after the school-sponsored activity ends.
Student Rights
To attend school in a positive learning environment
To maintain a decorum that enhances a positive learning environment
To have school personnel who are receptive to student needs and concerns
To express needs and concerns in an appropriate manner
To feel safe from crime, violence, intimidation, bullying,
harassment, racism, and other discrimination in the school
Student Rights and Responsibilities
OCPS is not responsible for supervising
students not in attendance at school, or
students not authorized to participate in
school-sponsored activities.
Student Responsibilities
To maintain a decorum that enhances a positive learning environment
To express needs and concerns in an appropriate manner
To know and obey district and school behavioral expectations and to report unsafe situations to school or law enforcement or Speak Out Hotline
Student rights:
To be informed of school board policies and school rules about absenteeism and tardies
To appeal a decision about an absence
To make up class work in a reasonable amount of time after an excused absence/suspension
Student Responsibilites:
To attend classes daily and be on time
To explain or document the reason for an absence
To request make-up work after an absence
To complete make-up work in a reasonable amount of time
Student Rights:
To be informed about school guidance services
To have access to individual and group counseling
To request counseling
Student Responsibilities:
To use guidance services for educational and personal improvement
To schedule guidance appointments ahead of time, except in emergencies
To work cooperatively with all school personnel
Student Rights:
To receive a teacher's grading standard at the beginning of the grading period
To receive course descriptions
To learn from competent teachers in an atmosphere free from bias and prejudice
To take part in basic skills programs in elementary, middle, and high schools
Student Responsibilities:
To request academic and extracurricular programs that are in line with ability
To ask for help from school personnel in choosing courses
To cooperate with teachers and contribute to an atmosphere free from bias and prejudice
To make every effort to master the basic skills
Free Speech/Expression
Student Rights:
to express views through speaking, but without being obscene, disruptive, slanderous, or libelous
to participate in patriotic observance
to have one's religious beliefs respected
to assemble peaceably on school grounds while following federal, state, and local regulations
to help develop and distribute publications as part of the educational process
to be protected from sexual harassment
Student Responsibilities
to respect the right of others to express their views
to behave respectfully during patriotic observances
to respect the religious beliefs of others and to refrain from activities that hold religious beliefs up to ridicule
to plan, get approval for and conduct activities that are in line with the school's goals
to follow the rules of responsible journalism under the guidance of an advisor (including seeking complete information about topics and refraining from publishing libelous or obscene material
to refrain from sexual harassment
Student rights:
to receive a teacher's grading standards at the beginning of the grading period
to be notified of failure/potential failure when work is unsatisfactory
Student responsibilities:
to learn about grading standards
to meet academic standards in line with ability and to make every effort to improve unsatisfactory work
Privacy and Property Rights
Student rights:
to have privacy of personal possessions unless school personnel have reason to believe a student is in possession of materials prohibited by law or school board policy
to have personal property respected
Student responsibilities:
to keep materials prohibited by law or school board policy away from school or school activities
to respect others' personal property
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