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Puritans: Daily Life

A day in the life of a puritan. Descibe their daily routine, clothing, food, entertainment, chores, and rules

Taylor Iasparro

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Puritans: Daily Life

Daily life as a puritan Family was very important to the puritans. most families farmed alot. They often kept journals of their daily life. Generally, wives were expected to obey their husbands. Men were expected to be good family heads, and to treat their wives, children, servants and apprentices with kindness and fairness. Children were expected to be obedient and respectful to both parents.
Family Life Females People grew their own food, men grew the crops, hunted, and fished. Women usually took care of the poultry and the dairy, did the milking, made butter and cheese, brewed the beer that most people drank instead of water, the beer then was not strong like it is today. Food Beside being the heads of families, they also worked in their trades and/or farmed land. Men who followed the church and were "choosen" were allowed to vote. A male could have the occupant of a minister, cooper, hunter, miller, tanner, furrier, surveyor, farmer. ect

Males The literacy rate among puritans was high due to the fact that they wanted their children to be able to read the bible. If a community had 50 families or more, a school supported by taxes was mandatory. Eduacation The puritans wanted simple clothing and most of the time they wore dark clothing. Puritan women wore a long black dresses that covered her almost from neck to toes. They wore a white apron and with their hair was bunched up behind a white head-dress. Puritan men wore black clothes and short hair. Clothing Women often made their own money by selling their surplus chickens, eggs, butter cheese, beer etc. They also made household items like soap and candles. Women would spend a lot of time spinning flax or wool into thread to be woven into cloth. They would make alot of their own clothes as well. Women were also expected to be the family doctors, and to make home remedies for illness,and be able to treat a wide variety of complaints. Chores The men of the household did the hunting and the planting, while the woman did the sewing, preserved vegetables, and did the cooking. The men of the household did the hunting and the planting, while the woman did the sewing, preserved vegetables, and did the cooking.
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