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Sleepwear: Boxer shorts and singlets

Investigate, design and create boxer shorts and embellish a singlet using dying techniques

Arshy Gill

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Sleepwear: Boxer shorts and singlets

Sleeping Beauty Boxer shorts and
embellishment of singlet Ideation What's in fashion in 2012? Investigation Printed fabrics are always in fashion. Animated cartoons, ornate geometrics and flower print are exemplar for boxer shorts. Shapes like swirls, polkar dots, circles and stripes are always very ideal sleepwear fashion fabrics. It is quite trendy nowadays to have boxer shorts or pajama's that have contrast waist ribbion to their fabric. This not only embellishes the shorts and pajama's more but makes them more interesting and attention grabbing. Lace on the hem of sleepwear shorts is another burgeoning fashion trend becoming popular. The lace embellishes the shorts making them look classy and elegant. FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS OF SLEEPWEAR (BOXER SHORTS AND SINGLET TOP) Sleepwear needs to provide supreme comfort so one can have convenient and pleasant sleep. Sleepwear is vital in ensuring one has easy and good sleep, so
there are specific functional requirements sleepwear. The sleepwear, in this case pajama shorts, need to comfortable, soft,
easily laundered and have no piling or
static problems. This means its crucial to choose fabrics with these specific characteristics. There are seven Elements of Design and five Principles of Design and because there are so many on my pillowcase I would like to have at least one of each. Some of the Elements and Principles that I would like to have are:

1. Colour-represents many different things and helps create a certain mood or meaning.

2. Shape- is formed when a line begins and ends at the same point.

3. Repetition-involves using the same designs over and over again.

4. Rhythm-is a continuous flowing movement and it moves the eye from one point to the next.

5. Emphasis- is used to draw attention to a certain area as the focal point. ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN Client requirements for
boxer shorts and singlet Needs to be comfortable and provide absolute support and pleasure The boxer shorts and singlet need to have very high functional properties The boxers and singlet need to encompass elements and principles of design and look fashionable and eye-catching. Construction Method Organise and manage my time so I know exactly what to do. This will help me stay on top of everything and make the entire production process more smooth and easy
Plan and prepare things to do prior to class
Stick to the production plan
Analyze all the theory work to ensure that I get the best out of my work. ideal fabrics The fabric I chose was cotton because it's very comfortable, extremely breathable and can be easily laundered. Most sleepwear garments are usually made of cotton, thus it is an ideal fabric choice. Also I will be using a median cotton fabric for the bow that I will dye for my singlet because it will be appropriate for the particular dyeing technique I chose. Firstly, lets ideate the three design options for the boxer shorts. #1 Flower print boxer shorts #2 Purple vertical stripe fabric Two big green buttons, contrasting the purple material #3 Green polka dot fabric Black contrast ribbon Black lace, contrasting green shorts Decision Making Matrix (Shorts) Dyeing Techniques Here are the following dyeing techniques I have experimented with: SUN DYEING AIR EXCLUSION SALT DYEING MOUNTAINS AND VALLEYS Decision Making Matrix (Singlet) The green polka dot design, the third option, had the highest ranking in my decision making matrix therefore it's only wise and sensible to chose it as my pillowcase. This design is:
Appealing and eye-catching
Polka dot print fabric is never out of fashion (trendy)
Suitable for adolescence
Lace and ribbon embellish the shorts
Various elements and principles of design are encompassed in this design Now, lets ideate the three design options for the singlet. #1 Pink, purple and blue dyed on (salt dying) medium cotton material. Dyed material appliqued to the bottom section of singlet Flowers cut out of the pink, purple and blue salt dyed material. Also appliqued on. #2 Dyed using mountains and valley's with rock salt. The black dyed material is made into a bow and appliqued onto the shirt. The middle of the bow has the polka dot material from the shorts attached to give the pair unity. #3 Tie dye singlet using orange, blue, lime, purple and pink dyes. Applique a yellow love heart cut out from scrap material. The black bow design, the second option, had the highest ranking in my decision making matrix therefore it's only wise and sensible to chose it as my pillowcase. This design is:
Aesthetically pleasing
Bows on shirts are a burgeoning trend
Suitable for adolescence
Mountains and valleys combined with salt dyeing technique will be suitable for my design
Various elements and principles of design are encompassed in this design Justification of shorts and singlet For my boxer shorts, I decided that the third option was the best design option for me to do and for the embellishment of my singlet; the second design was the best. The reasons which drove me to choose these two designs will be explained in this justification. First I am going to justify my boxer shorts. The third design for my boxer shorts received the highest ranking in the matrix. This design also incorporated elements and principles of design like: emphasis, colour and shape. The polka dot design option also was the most striking and eye-catching choice because of the contrast lace at the hem and the black drawstring. I decided to use the polka dot cotton print fabric because I believed that it enhanced the aesthetic appeal, was the core of my design and was the most appropriate fabric because of its fibre properties. One of the key advantages of my boxer shorts choice is that the principles and elements of design that I focus on are explicit. The element of design which I focus on is colour and this is easily recognized through not only by the black lace contrasting with lime green and white but also by the black drawstring ribbon. The principle of design which I really try to isolate and distinguish on my pillowcase is emphasis and again the black lace and ribbon does this very successfully. My final reason which inevitably aided in choosing my third option was that I believe that the production of this pillowcase will be a challenge, yet still in the correct complexity to suit this unit and within my skill level. For all the reasons above, I personally believe that out of my top three designs for my boxer shorts, the one I decided to go ahead with is the best choice.
Now to justify the embellishment of my singlet. I choose my second design option to be the one that I did because it embellishes the top the way I’d like to have it embellished. My second design option incorporated the mountains and valleys dyeing technique combined with salt dyeing and personally I found these particular dyeing techniques really cool. This design also encompassed emphasis which is exhibited through the attachment of the lime polka dot material at the centre of the bow. All in all I found the second design option the best option and my decision making matrix proves that as the second design has the highest ranking in the matrix.
Production Plan I chose my third boxer shorts design option and my second singlet embellishment option as my final choices because I believed they were the right ones. My third design for my boxer shorts was the best choice out of the three, as not only did it gain the highest ranking in my decision making matrix but because it also has many good points. One of the good points of my chosen design was that it really accentuated the elements and principles of design I selected to focus on: colour and emphasis. The biggest strength of my design was the colour scheme, because it was eye-catching and the contrast of black, white and lime green helped to create appeal. Personally I felt no flaw in my design and was extremely happy with the end result. Overall my pillowcase design very likable and funky and this was because of my judicious use of my ribbon, lace and fabric. I wanted to emphasis my ribbon and lace embellishment hence that was why I purchased black ribbon and lace, so it contrasted with the lime and white polka dot fabric. I was happy with the placement of my lace and was glad I chose it to be my embellishment. The fabric that I chose contained characteristics that made it suitable for sleepwear and I outlined these in my fabric analysis. My final design option was challenging to complete but I had fun. I believe that I showed a sufficient amount of skill throughout the production of my pillowcase whether that be sewing straight, sewing the lace or adding buttonholes. I tried very hard to sew in straight lines and I believe I was successful. Overall my shorts looked professional and the quality of the product was high as well. I would buy it happily at the shops because the aesthetic properties don’t detract from the functional properties of the shorts and it still looks decent and appealing. I was extremely happy with the dyeing of my bow in black because it turned out to look amazing. The imprints made by the salt and mountains and valleys technique really made the bow look surreal. I believe that my singlet was embellished very well and it’s all because of the black bow I dyed. Overall, time was not a problem for this unit. I was very pleased with the results and believe that I achieved everything I set out to achieve. Evaluation
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