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Caitlyn Hagy

No description

Caitlyn Hagy

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Caitlyn Hagy

My Life
Caitlyn Hagy
Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Richlands, VA, which is considered in the central area of the Appalachain Mountains. I have two brothers and I am the middle child of my family. I also have two daschounds whose names are Hokie and Beamer. I guess you can say my family has a very strong sense of Hokie nation.

Now you know all about me,my family, and where I come from. Hope y'all enjoyed my presentation!
Growing up in Richlands
Like many small towns, there isn't much to do in Richlands. I have always loved sports and that is what my friends and I liked to do for fun. I have played soccer since I was four years old all the way up till I was a senior in high school. I also enjoyed going to the Friday night football games with my friends.
The Virginia Tech campus and atmosphere has always been important to my family and I. Both my parents graduated from Tech, and I have attended all the home football games since I was a baby. Blacksburg has always felt like a second home to me, so when deciding on which college to attend Virginia Tech was the obvious choice.
Virginia Tech
My brothers are truly my best friends. My older brother is currently in the United States Air Force and is stationed in Illinois. While my little brother just started his first year at middle school.
I am from Richlands, VA
where the mountains roll from one to the other.
A town where everyone knows everyone, and a place
where biscuits and gravy are a staple.
I am from a town that the people say "good morning" and
wave to you when passing by; a town that says "lightning
bugs" instead of fireflies. A place where hunting is big,
but football Fridays are bigger. Even though we don't
live busy and high-paced lives; it'll always be
my hometown.
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