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Prep L

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Pitch

Elevator/startup Pitch
1. Find peers or experts
Interactive Video Learning
2. Interactive Meeting Room
3. Feedback
1. Find Interview Partners
1. Match
2. Interact
3. Feedback
Community Feedback
Foreign languages
Acting, singing, dancing
3. Community feedback
Public speaking
6 weeks
after launch
over 200 users
more than 100 meetings
~5 new users
every day
Strategic Board
Management Team

Triple Master in Management from ESCP Europe
Cofounder of venturevideos.eu

Master Student from the University of Cologne
Former consultant at Oscar GmbH

Executive MBA from the Sorbonne University
Former consultant at Bain & Company
The Founding Team

Master Student (CEMS) from the University of Cologne
Former consultant at Oscar GmbH and Accenture
Sources: *Information and Communication Technologies
(1) Marketdata Inc – Online Education: An Industry & Competitor Analysis (2011)
(2) Chronicle.com – A Boom Time for Education Startups (2012)
Online learning is gaining momentum

New model of learning at scale enabled by ICT*
Increase in demand for learning with one billion joining the middle class in the last decade

Double-digit growth in the $ 60bn US market(1)
Education startup funding tripled in 2011 to $ 429m from $ 146m in 2002(2)

Subscription and transaction based fees constitute the majority of revenues
Sponsorship models as complementary stream
Pilot project revenue streams
Fernando Martinelli
Daniel Schmitz
Gerwin Fricke
Jan Sommerfeld
Stefan Menden (Founding Investor)
Serial Entrepreneur (Squeaker.net, Just Book)
Former consultant at Oliver Wyman
Investor (Menden Ventures Consulting)
Education in disruption -> shift online
Online video education is the hot space
Interactive Video Learning
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