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No description

Summer Candice

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of #HamiltonIsHome

By: Brian Georgievski, Ella Kerrigan, Summer Martin, Krista Schwab, and Laura Sinclair
Living Room
a Campaign for sprc Hamilton
mission, vision, values
Media, Audience, and stakeholder analysis
stakeholder analysis
Communication strategy
Measurable Objectives
Tactics and budget
Social media
Critical Path
Gantt Chart
: High School (age 15-19) Likelihood to Volunteer: Very Likely

Female % of total audience: 52; Likelihood to Donate: Very Likely; Likelihood to Volunteer: Likely

Regions in Hamilton:
Upper Hamilton % of total audience: 34.5; Likelihood to Donate: Likely; Likelihood to Volunteer: Possible

: > 50 K (2010 data) % of total audience: 69; Likelihood to Donate: Likely; Likelihood to Volunteer: Possible

: Christian (general) % of total audience: 67; Likelihood to Donate: Likely; Likelihood to Volunteer: Likely

Married or living with common law-partner:
% of total audience: 55; Likelihood to Donate: Likely; Likelihood to Volunteer: Likely

Couple-family private households without children aged 24 and under at hom
e: % of total audience: 28; Likelihood to Donate: Likely; Likelihood to Volunteer: Possible
Shaun Herron
: sherron@thespec.com (905) 526-2443 (w) News Editor, The Hamilton Spectator

Cathie Coward
: ccoward@thespec.com (905) 526-3394 (w) Photographer, The Hamilton Spectator

Krista Schwab:
news@thesil.ca News Editor, The McMaster Silhouette

Kristin Archer:
ihearthamiltontour@gmail.com, Hamilton blogger, ihearthamiltontour@gmail.com

Michael Kirkopoulos
: Michael.kirkopoulos@hamilton.ca, (905) 546-2424 ext. 2261, (905) 973-2314, Director, Corporate Communications, City of Hamilton
120 Hours of Homelessness
Hamilton Convention Centre
Asking patrons for donations
Hope to gain media attention/awareness from Hamilton community to homelessness
#HamiltonIsHome signs
Across diverse landmarks of Hamilton
Hamilton highways
Raise more awareness to the Hamilton community
Our mission is to educate young adults aged 18-30 in the Hamilton community on homelessness and to support projects to improve affordable housing in the city through a 60 day social media and public relations campaign leading up to a weekend-long series of events in support of the SPRC. Volunteers will be recruited to assist in spreading awareness and running the various fundraising events.
We believe that community engagement is the most effective way to raise awareness about homelessness in Hamilton.

We believe that an educated community is a supportive community.

We believe in supporting Hamiltonians in their personal growth.

We believe that young adults have the ability to enact change in their community.

We will foster a fair, inclusive, and respectful environment for our volunteers.

We will ensure that our campaign and events embrace the diversity and vibrancy of Hamilton.
Young adults in Hamilton educated about homelessness and inspired to continue efforts to make a lasting and meaningful impact in their community.
Art Sales
Series of three concerts at various music venues
Featuring Hamilton artists and bands.
Pay what you can (min $2) or non-perishable food item
Acoustic set by Arkells' Max Kerman on Sunday
$20 ticket
Local restaurants would donate 3% of their total sales during the weekend campaign to the #HamiltonIsHome cause
Will sell donated art during Art Crawl with 100% of the proceeds going to #HamiltonIsHome
Volunteer forms, About Us, Contact Page, Blog, Event Information
#HamiltonIsHome Facebook Page
Post relevant information throughout the two month campaign
Projected 2500 likes
Hashtag #HamiltonIsHome
Post thoughout two months
Projected 1500 followers
Hashtag #HamiltonIsHome
Stories and photographs from Homeless people in Hamilton #IAmHomeless
Projected 2500 followers
Focus on social media will engage young audience
Builds on Hamilton’s already vibrant cultural, artistic, and ‘foodie’ scene
Based in Hamilton’s downtown core
Young segment of target population does not have high income
Incentive to donate during social media campaign period may be low
Many young activists in Hamilton
Existing thriving cultural scene
Potential for Endorsements: Arkells, Hamilton Bulldogs, Katie Parker
Competing charities for donations
Other festivals and events going on around the same time
awareness and funds
• Raise $5,000 over the two month campaign period
• Raise $3,500 at the weekend events
• Have 400 people attend the weekend concert
social media
• Gain 1,500 followers on Twitter over the two month campaign period
• Gain 2,500 likes on Facebook over the two month campaign period
• Gain 2,500 followers on Instagram over the two month campaign period
• Engage 75 volunteers in the campaign process and events
• 30 campaign volunteers, 45 event volunteer
Social and digital media development and maintenance: volunteer
Concerts: donated venues and talent
Anticipated minimum profit of $5540
Art crawl: donations
Anticipated minimum profit of $1165
Restaurant sponsorship
Anticipated total donations of $1120
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