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No description

kung jo milanes

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of BELL WIRING

bell wiring is very much in demand today considering importance and usefulness. the planning of bell wiring be done carefully as in light power wiring.
what is bell wiring ?
bell wiring is used in
residences, apartments, schools and offices
small bell systems
large signaling system
Do not require large amount of Voltage
won't be Hazardous
National Electrical Code requirements for bell work
3. wires that are bunched together and run vertically ,
must either be enclosed in conduit or be provided
with resisting covering to prevent fire from traveling from floor to floor.
1. signaling wire must be placed on the cross-arm or occupy the same conduit system with electric light wires ad power wires.
2. signaling wire must not be installed or run closer than 2 inches to electric light and power wires unless permanently separated from the conductors of the other system by the use of porcelain tube or flexible tubing.
4. for wires run into buildings , a protective device must be installed as near as possible to the point of entrance
Classification of Bells
1. single stroke bell

2. Vibrating Bell
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