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Reverse Engineering

By: Karly Haralson

Karly Haralson

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering
By: Karly Haralson Original Parts Function of the Part: The main function of the grater is to ease the process of grating cheese or other foods. Problem Statement: The size of the grater is too small and the materials it is made out of can be improved. Brainstorming: - Larger Size
- Add a crank/handle
- Add grips on the sides
- Create different design for holes on metal sheet Research: Design Brief Selecting an Approach-
Design Matrix Improved Product
Assembly Improved Product Explosion Improved Parts Outer Casing Materials: Aluminum-6061
Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 3.361 in.
Height: 4.152 in.
Function: Holds all parts together
Removed extrusions
Volume: 2.863 in^3
Surface Area: 86.183 in^2
Density: 2.710 g/cm^3 Cheese Holder Materials: Aluminum-6061
Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 3.021 in
Height: 3.936 in
Function: Holds cheese while grating
Volume: 3.260 in^3
Surface Area: 86.633 in^2
Density: 2.710 g/cm^3 Inside Cheese Holder Materials: Aluminum-6061
Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 3.221 in
Height: 3.834 in
Function: Pushes cheese down "Cheese Holder" while grating; keeps cheese in grater
Volume: 2.953 in^3
Surface Area: 84.040 in^2
Density: 2.710 g/cm^3 Metal Grater Materials: Stainless Steel
Overall dimensions:
Diameter: 2.815 in
Width: .017 in
Function: Shreds cheese
Slots for cutting cheese
Volume: .096 in^3
Surface Area: 11.586 in^2
Density: 8.080 g/cm^3 Sales Projection Production Cost Cost of Aluminum per product: $8.62
Cost of Stainless Steel per product: $.10
Miscellaneous Costs: $1.00

Projected Cost: About $9.92 Cost of Product: $12.99 Customer Reviews: "This product is easy to use, I would definitely recommend it to anyone." Contact Information: Karly Haralson
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