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1st Melbourne cup

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of 1st Melbourne cup

when did the 1st Melbourne cup start and where
which people contributed to this event
In this event people contributed like the jockeys who ride the horses or the horse trainers.But in 1861 it would of been the people who built the course or in 1810 Governor Macquarie invented the fashion to improve the cultural life of Sydney, or Robet.C and Henrey Byron improved the facets.
The Melbourne cup is run The Victoria racing club or the VRC every year. The Victoria racing club was started by 2 clubs the VJC (Victoria jockey club) and the VTC (Victoria turf club) which formed together to make the Victoria racing club.
why is this so important
The Melbourne cup is so important because it is pure Australian culture it was one of Australia's first major sporting events in fact an American writer Mark Twain said that "Nowhere in the world have I encountered a festival of people that has such a magnificent appeal to the whole nation. The Cup astonishes me." .The cup was so special it was named the race that stopped the nation!
1st Melbourne cup
The first Melbourne cup started on November 1861. The race was held at Flemington race a 3200 racecourse in Victoria.
how was the VRC created
Flemington race course is Australia's best known and oldest race course.
The race is 3200m long

John Cutts and his horse archer won the fist Melbourne cup

The first prize was a gold watch and £710 (1542.71 in Australian dollars)

The people
In the melbourne cup people come to watch in fact 4000 people in 1861 came to watch these people or migrants came for the gold rush.
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