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Conspiracy Theory

No description

Ryan Purcell

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Conspiracy Theory

The reason they sent the letters to the president was to gain sympathy from citizens. An example of a national issue is the Boston Marathon bombing, which happened 2 days before the Ricin letters were sent. Also the government needed an issue that would gain sympathy for the President.
Why did the government send the letters to the president
Conspiracy Theory
Issues that were taking place before the letters were sent includes a shooting in Akron, Ohio, Federal Way, Washington, and Manchester Illinois. Also the Boston Marathon Bombing took place 2 days before the letters were sent.
We think the U.S. government or the CIA sent the letters to the president, because the government needed some type of distraction for the public and also they needed an issue that would allow sympathy to be gained for the President.
Good Morning America says "The lack of information released by the FBI is causing many not to believe the situation"
Letters Sent to Obama Containing Ricin
Expert Endorsement
Agents Responsible
Issues That Took Place Before The Letters Were Sent

J. T.A.R.D.Z.

Jackie, Todd, Abe, Ryan, Dante, Zach
Ricin plant
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