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Marcos Gomez

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Koreans


Korean cusine is characterized by the use of garlic, vegetables, and spices. Their most popular dishes are Kimchi, Galbi, and Bulgogi. Korean food is also very healthy.
When entering a household, the guest takes off his shoes before sitting on the kang. People still take off their shoes as a sign of respect.
Ethnic Koreans mostly live in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning of northeast China, and some inland big cities.
Traditional Korean homes have a roof with four inclined planes and a kang built of bricks or slates.Today, most families live in apartments in the city.
Children were dressed in bright clothes and quilted socks. Words and symbols related to children were sewn onto the fabric.
Korean women wore colorful ch'imas and Chogori. They were long dresses that hid the women's figures.
Sports/ Games
kimchi is a spicy cabbage dish that is a popular side dish
Traditional Clothing
Korean men mainly wore white jackets with black waistcoats and loose white trousers. They would wear certain clothing based on their profession
Traditional Korean music was folk, vocal, religious and ritual music. During a ceremony, a person would play a plucking instrument called the kayago. Now, kpop has become a world-wide sensation.
Some traditional dances are the water-carrying dance, the fan dance, and the drum dance. Today, people are more open to different kinds of dance like hip-pop dance.
Early Korea used a lunar calendar, and many people still use it today. Some important holidays are Children's Day, Memorial Day, New's Day, Lunar New Year, Independence Day,Arbor Day, Festival of the Aged, and Christmas.
Koreans play soccer, wrestle, taekwondo, baseball, table tennis, and jump rope.Some traditional sports are Chang-gi and kite flying.
Korean Chess game
On Festival of the Aged, ceremonies and activities are held to wish the elders good fortune.
Ethnic Koreans in China
Korea is a peninsula located northeast of China and southeast of Russia
It is divided into North and South Korea
Chinese Words
1) what was an example of what the Koreans ate?
2) Can you Name a traditional Korean Dance
3) What religion do most people follow in Korea?
In South Korea, today, there are mainly non-believers, but there are also Catholics, Protestants, and Buddhists . Catholicism came to Korea around the 17th century and after that, it spread all over Korea. In North Korea, there are government-sponsored religious groups that provide an illusion of "religious freedom."
Buddhism was the dominant religious and cultural influence during the Silla and Koryo dynasties.
South Korea is a very competitive country. It's currently top in math and reading, and ranks 3rd in science. Students start prepping for CSAT in Elementary School. Students are put under a lot of pressure by their parents to get high CSAT scores.
Rising Economy
South Korea is a rapidly growing society. It's population is growing and so is the demand for more space. The cities are supported by high tech skyscrapers and efficient subways. The streets are thriving with people in the streets and neon lights all night long. Unfortunately, with a rising economy, it has led to a rise of suicide rates
Seoul is South Korea's Capital
Thank You
by Marcos & Lily
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