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Full Tilt

No description

Reilly Sams

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Full Tilt

Full Tilt
By Neal Shusterman
The time period was in the present 21st century and mostly takes place in the enchanted theme park that Cassandra created.
The author created a mood through the setting by showing that at first the theme park might seem appealing.
Once the main characters went on a ride, they soon discover that the rides were anything, but appealing. The rides become more frightening and dangerous, just like the mood.
Presentation by Reilly Sams
One of the main characters was Blake, who was an average teenager who was responsible, follows the rules, cautious, and the one who looked after his wild younger brother, Quinn.
Although he doesn't express it often, Blake loved his little brother, and would do anything to rescue him from Cassandra's amusement park.
Another main character was Quinn, the younger brother. He was the exact opposite of his older brother, a thrill seeker who would do anything to go on the newest ride, no matter what the cost.
He finds himself in deep water, however, when he entered Cassandra's bizarre world and only Blake could save him, whether Quinn liked it or not.
Cassandra, the last main character, was the owner and creator of the phantom theme park, a place where everything wasn't what it seemed. She has a deceiving and mysterious personality.
Cassandra was at first amused at Blake's attempts to rescue his brother. When his pursuits become a threat to her park,
she became determined prevent Blake from destroying her precious creation, even going to extremes to stop him.
Cassandra first appeared at the theme park where Blake, his friends, and Quinn were at. She mysteriously handed them an invitation to ride and disappeared.
Front of invitation
Quinn morbidly went into a coma. Blake became convinced that Quinn went to the park on the invitation to the statement Quinn made earlier: I go places sometimes.

I knew that the genre was adventure and horror when Blake and his friends went on their first ride. It was a carousel, but once they rode it, the animals became real and some riders perished.
It soon became apparent when Blake went on another ride that each ride was made specifically for him, showing him all his fears.
The theme park was no longer for enjoyment when the real reason was exposed: the park functioned on the riders souls if they lose their lives or stay past dawn.
Blake struggled to save his friends and brother, while trying to survive each ride. He also battled himself, trying to stay sane as each ride came closer to his worse nightmare.
Conflict and Resolution
Man vs Man
Blake struggled against Cassandra and her phantom amusement park. The only way to save his brother and self was to vanquish all the rides and
Man vs. Self
Blake also tried his best to remain calm and out smart each ride. He must find a way out or would be trapped in the park for eternity.
The solution to both conflicts was that Blake concured his deleterious nightmare and finally outsmarted Cassandra, freeing everyone that was trapped in the theme park, including his brother and friends.
"The sky was a flat pea green and made my skin look pallid and sickly. Only one structure stood on the endless salt flat.
It was a mile or so ahead, shimmering like a mirage in misty air. I ran toward it, not wanting to waste any more precious time."
This quote shows how the tone is serious; staid and strong, and there is no humor evident.
"For a moment I felt like giving up. I closed my eyes. No. I would not give in. If it was my fate to keep smashing my fist against emergency exit
doors, then that's what I would do. Even if I saved no one. Even if I died doing it, this place would not beat me."
This quote showed how determined Blake was to stay alive and defeat Cassandra. Even though his original objection was to save his brother,
it soon transformed into an ambition of conquering the park, it no longer mattered if he saved anyone along the way.
The theme was

don't let your fears stop you and face your
I chose that theme because Blake's deepest fear was stopping him from living from his full potential.
After he faced it, he could finally live his life in peace, without fear and guilt.
Personal Response
I found that the book made me sit at the edge of my seat and was very unpredictable, which I liked.
I also enjoyed how Blake's character progressed and changed from a cautious, terrified teen, to someone who was very courageous and could finally face his fears.
I felt like I was at Blake's side and experiencing everything with him. I was thoroughly entertained by this book and would recommend it to others.
Thank you for watching my presentation :)
Cassandra won't permit that, because if he does, the park will be destroyed and everyone would be set free.
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