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Untitled Prezi

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noora lahoud

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi


you use your feet

the goal is a net
you use a goal post
you sometimes use feet
you need 11 people to play
you need 12 people to play
you sometimes use hands

you use a goal post
A diagram of a soccer field
this is what a soccer field looks like this
getting ready for soccer
you will need
shin guards
soccer ball
do you know all about soccer
what is a guater?
a quarter is the amount of time in one part of the game

how many games are there in one soccer game?
it can be 2 long quarters or 4 short quarters
long is a soccer games
a soccer game can be one hour long
but the reffery can make it longer if he wanted
the field
a soccer field is a rectangular field each person in the field has diffrent position offence deffence and midfield the only person to use there hands is the goali

if someone els uses there hands its a penalty kick for the other team.if the ball is out of bounce then the other team who did not kick it out throughs the ball in at that spot with there feet on the ground.the ame of the game is to score as much goals possible and have fun
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