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Anytown conflict: A case study

A presentation given by our economic teacher.

Abdultawab Khan

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Anytown conflict: A case study

Or Matter of conflict: Modernize the old hospital Build a new housing estate Problems faced by the people of north
due to the closing of the old hospital Long Distance Between North And South. North South Long Distance Not Whole Of The People In North
Are Rick Management problem for the hospital
because of alot of people. Waste Of Fuel. People Got Unemployed. Limitation Of
Time Why should we modernize
the old hospital first? Needs Comes First: We should always complete the needs of a place first than we should go for the wants. The Amount Of People Getting Ill In The
North Might Increase Decline In The Performance Of The Northern People Because They Are Not Being Provided With Proper Health Care In Their Area Which Can Increase The Amount Of People Getting ill. So Now Its Your Time To Think. Weather To Modernize the Hospital
Or Repair The Housing Estate. Or Made By: Abdul Tawab and Ramis Aziz
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