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David Adler ADME Keynote 2013 Montreal -Purposeful Events

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David Adler

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of David Adler ADME Keynote 2013 Montreal -Purposeful Events

Events With The
Ultimate Purpose
Restoring The Diplomatic Reception Rooms
$22 M Raised
Donor Recognition
The First Global Chiefs of Protocol Conference
77 Countries Represented
Diplomatic Culinary Partnership
Diplomatic Partnerships
Experience America
The American Chef Corps
The Foreign Diplomats
Travel to:
New Orleans
Los Angeles
Cost &Pricing Pressure Not Letting Up
Hybrid Is Reality
Presence Meetings

The New Shape of the Room
Relevance Matters
Fractal Marketing Rules
Single Dest.
Embrace the niche.
Find a node on your tree and commit.
With Pets
No Pets
Events Are The New Media Companies
New Models Everywhere
The Electric Show 1919
250 Cities
1000 Retailers in NY
Entrepreneur Power
Thomas Edison's Concrete
Home Model
The First Auto Show
Madison Square Garden
Jewish Farmers of America
Exhibitor Magazine Did an Amazing Story on The History of Trade Shows
Paris Universal Exposition
The First Escalator
The National Corn Show 1910
The Trailer Life Show
Los Angeles in 1954
Someone Started
All These Shows
The Lighting Show
The Funeral
Directors Show
The Radio Show
Strategic Meeting Design Era
Forget Content
Contact is King!
The Age of
New Speaking Formats
New Ways of Paying Attention More Multi-tasking Acceptance
Think Like Your Brain When Planning
Power Point is Dead
Decor Is
Social Media
Creative Brand Activation
Reduces Expenses and Add Pizazz
Sector Curators
Control Who Attends What
The Rise of the
Non-Planner Planner
The Power of
User Groups
Threaten Trade Shows
Emphasis is on Learning
Your Customers
Shameless Plug!
Registration and Seating Tech Getting Smarter
The Rise of Value Pricing
Blair House For Holidays
A Partnership With Magazines
This Old House Recreated
The Truman Christmas
Martha Stewart
Gingerbread House
Mother Earth News Study
of Agriculture as Centerpiece
Good Housekeeping
Took on The Terrace
Ambassador Capricia Marshall
U.S. Chief of Protocol
The Game Layer Is Everywhere
The Era of Edu-Cor
Crowd Control/Planning
Harder Than Ever With Social Media
Understand Attendees Motivation
"To Build Intellectual Capital"
Moved From Experiential
to Transformational
We Are All In The Habit Business
The Great New
Ideas Are
Already Evolving
an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary: the habit of looking both ways before crossing the street. ...
Buster Crabbe's
Camp Meenagha
A Unique, Emotional Experience That Bonds Group
Ongoing Word of Mouth
Local, Neighborhood by Neighborhood
Reinforcement Tools:
Year Round Reunion Events
Personal Communication
Endorsements by Campers
Awards Programs
The Event
Content Re-purposing
The Summer Camp Model Is Social Media at its Best
Highest Quality Customers
Loyal, Engaged and Qualified
Summer Camp Marketing
The Renewal Multiplied by 10
The Ongoing Inspiration
Event Producers Need
to Think Like Content Producers
Circa 1964
Ultimate in
Collaborative Learning
Or Think Like a Summer Camp
Manager from the 1960's
Before Neuromarketing
Leadership and Organizational Performance Are Connected to Face-To-Face Meetings and Events

Purposeful Reasons
By Andrea Sullivan and David Adler
Trust is experienced via the body and is very difficult to generate without face-to-face interaction.
Trust is experienced via the body and is very difficult to generate without face-to-face interaction.
Trust is essential in the workplace and marketplace alike. It’s a central component of long-term cooperative bonding.
Touch has been associated with metrics of higher performance at both the individual and group levels.---Kouzes & Posner
Research Nugget
High trust organizations
outperform low trust ones
by 286%
in total return to shareholders.
Eye contact is another vital form of communication missing from virtual connections
Physical Presence Counts
Virtual Experiences Have Lower Range of Communications Eliminating Serendipity Effect
Visibility of C-level leaders increases motivation, builds trust
Research Nugget- As much as 70 – 80% of the ability to influence is a result of face-to-face exchanges.
Need Sensory Input from;
Body language
Facial expressions
Eye contact
Mutual gaze & back-channeling cues (“okay”, “unhuh”)
Research Nugget - Chemicals That Support Bonding and Trust, Such as Oxytocin, Are Not Stimulated, Leading to Both Lower Employee/Team Performance and Weaker Client Relations
Conclusion: Our digital technologies are not up to the task of conveying the richly complex network of information supplied in face-to-face events.
Regularity of
Face-To-Face Counts
"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." Jim Ryun
Kick-off meetings should be face-to-face
Planning Face-to-Face Meetings and Events
Focus The Organization
Change is hard !
Only 20-30% of change
initiatives succeed
Leadership Myth- We can save a ton of money by making all our team gatherings virtual.
The reason most change initiatives fail is because staff resists the changes and do not adopt them.
It becomes more difficult to predict outcomes---
---our entire physiology is optimized as a prediction machine for survival!
The brain does not like change
Leadership Tip: Use the tool of events for strategic planning and eventual acceptance and motivation for your organizational change initiatives.
Old Fashion Networking
Fosters Cross-pollination
Leadership Tip: Encourage networking- Create space and events that allow for interaction.
Celebrate Everything
Celebrations infuse work with purpose and passion
Ceremonies and rituals create community, fusing individual souls with the corporate spirit.
As an incentive, non-cash rewards have been shown to be 2 – 3 times more effective than cash rewards at improving performance.
4:1 return on investment on Celebrations in form of heightened employee morale and performance
Result: organizational alignment, innovation, and process improvements.
Collaboration Is Cool
Leadership is about Ask and Engage and No Longer Sell and Tell
85% of managers claimed to receive knowledge critical to the successful completion of a project from other people.
With the nature of work changing to increasingly involve team work and collaboration, social capital is expected to be the guiding principle of successful organizations in the near future.
Smart Leadership Tip:Face-to-face meetings with plenty of time for networking and socializing is best tool for collaboration
This is Social Capital
We Buy From People We like
Relationships are formed via face-to-face interactions.
Research Nugget - Four-fifths of respondents agreed that “down time” at face-to-face conferences builds stronger client bond- Forbes Study
Oxford Economics study estimated that 40% of their prospects become new customers as a result of face-to-face interaction, compared with only 16% who convert without a meeting.- Oxford Economics study
The Secret Power of Going to Conferences
Builds Intellectual Capital
Drives innovation and growth says Gallop Study
Lowers levels of employee turnover, greater customer satisfaction
Conferences and meetings that provide us with the bigger picture
Activate our sense of being involved in something that is larger than ourselves and contributing
Research Nugget: Things like Conferences Activate reward circuits in the brain and the neurotransmitter dopamine which is essential for motivation. For people to feel a part of a group, they need to experience being in that group.
Leadership Tip: Invest in Intellectual Capital- Let our people roam.
Face-to-Face Meetings are essential for maximizing the bottom line.
Research Nugget -

A 2009 Oxford Economics study determined that every dollar invested in business travel generates $12.50 return on investment.
The average US business would lose 17% of its profits if it canceled all business travel, and those profits would take more than 3 years to recover- MPI report
Leadership Tip: Expenses related to face-to-face meetings must be considered an investment, not an expense, and they must be integrated into organizational strategy.
Fractal Marketing Matters
"I think that we can finally put the rustic, Mason jar trend to bed. And cupcakes—we're done with that, right?"Matthew Parker, Matthew Parker Events, Seattle
"I think people are pretty tired of events feeling overly cute."
Sunna Yassin, Alison Events Planning & Design, San Francisco
Sterile design... and there will be less of a focus on everything matching in a two- or three-color palette."Matthew Robbins, Matthew Robbins Design, New York
"Vintage is out. Shabby chic and vintage finds are nice, but the new trend for 2013 is industrial glam."Andrew Zill, Feats Inc., Baltimore

"The formal seated dinner is kind of out. Who wants to sit in a sea of 60-inch round tables and eat a formal dinner? If you do this at an event in 2013, you better have a rocking performance."
Matthew David Hopkins, 360 Design Events, New York
"Fussy signature drinks. Instead, people will be opting for classic cocktails, such as whiskey sours, sidecars, and champagne cocktails."Beth Helmstetter, Beth Helmstetter Events, West Hollywood
"Visually heavy floral centerpieces.
"Wayne Gurnick, Moments by Wayne, Tarzana
67% Popularity
The Most Popular Leader
on the Planet Believes.....
But First, Here is Another
Great Influence From
Early Life
Nothing focuses a group
more than a
Stop Preaching
to the Choir
Convert C-Level
Execs Now
Give them Ammunition
The Office of Protocol
The Blair House
Diplomatic Affairs
The Event Planner
as Mayor
Higher Expectations
The Hardware Show 1950
For the "In" List
Subscribe to
And the Power of Events
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