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taylor university dining services

No description

james chantanasombut

on 8 July 2011

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Transcript of taylor university dining services

New service ideas: Deli in the Round, Grazing Stations, Display Cooking
Display cooking with President Habecker with Chef Andrew for faculty & spouses
Catering menu: Updated and hosted Taste of Taylor for key departments; and distribute catering menus to each of those departments.
Implemented a new style of dish service: white plates, bowls, platters, etc.
Braden Room : "Ruby Tuesday" look
Creating in house flower arrangements
Recruite outside groups: MR Partnership, Blackford Community Foundation, Upland Chamber, Women of Worth, Hoosier Railroad Men, Gideion's International, Raymond James & Associates, Twoson, Jennerjahn Machine, Kiwanis, Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Several Weddings- from simple, outdoors to very formal, Bridal & Baby Showers, Retirement & Birthday parties.
Assisted with special celebrations: First Fridays, Choral Valentine Dinner & Show, 24@Taylor, Funeral Luncheons, Departmental Lunches & Dinners, Etiquette dinners, 100 days till Graduation Banquet...
Planned and executed two major events off premise:...Parent's Weekend Dessert Reception at various locations around the loop and Heritage Weekend two major dinners catered in Odle Arena for 300 and 700 guest, along with eighteen other set ups and deliveries. All were huge successes. Catering Department

Headed by: Kathy Thornburgh Goals for Catering Department 2011-2012

Set Taste of Taylor date by 6/20/2011 Front of House

Headed by: Mya Hainlen Redesigned the layout of service lines.
Created "Self Service" in the Deli, along with full service
Dessert area upgraded: added East Line for two areas of dessert selections
Addition of Dining Room Attendant
Use of Social Media: Facebook and Twitter
Weekly Pace Changers: Strawberry Shortcake Bar, Outdoor Grilling, Pumpkin Carving Bar, Home-made applesauce, Omelet Bar
Semester Meetings with Student Senate Goals for FOH 2011-2012

Updated Uniform Launch: shirts, hats and pants
Incorporate a policy regarding piercings, tattoos, facial jewelry and hygiene
Restructure Deli Signage: laminate, update racks to chrome, add menu boards
American Fare: made to order
Display plates differently
Food Safety: work with employees at keeping better temperature logs
Enhance Pace Changers
Taste test GFS ice tea and Irani tea
Student Senate Involvement: make sure we are serving our students well Culinary Department

Headed by: Chef
Andrew Behm More Global variety in Global Passport: implementing six different countries-Chinese, Greek, Eastern European, Germany, Hungarian, Vietnamese. Occasionally Middle Eastern & African
Fish: using fish as a more healthy offering about three times a week
Cooking classes for students: a digital media class
Cooking class: held at President Habecker's home for invited guest of Marylou Habecker in which they created a complete meal
Culinarian enhancement: added 3 to the team and recognized a culinarian already on staff: Pastry Chef Jennifer Christman, Chef Tyler Weller, Chef Marsha Peters, Chef Dorinda McKenzie (wich was cost effective because of spped and experience.
Middle East students create "Pita Night"
Buy Local: using local growers for fruits and vegetables when available
Special Diets: assisting several students with special diets and our most challenging student Ben Negron with a deadly dairy allergy. We have two staff members dedicated to preparing all of Ben's food on a daily basis. We've all incorporated a lot of the special diet food into the general menu, thus a reduction in special diets like Gluten Free Pasta, Breads, and Soy, Rice and Almond Milks
Collaborated with staff on ideas for the Presidents menu (Dorinda's entree was chosen)
Youth Conference: served five different Global options to coordinate with their theme, and was received well. Hoping to continue that tradition. Goals for Culinary Team 2011-2012

Cooking Class: Planning and hosting a monthly cooking class at Habecker's for 15
Cookbook: Creating a cookbook in 2012 for cooking class participants.
"Specialty Menu" based from the thirteen global countries the university has a relationship with. ie. ; France, Australia, China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jerusalem, Latin America, Middle East, London, Spain, Uganda
Branding: Pursue Emma & Charlie's Pizza Concept •Grab and Go: Offered a large selection of items which was a huge success
•Pizza delivery: Began a service second semester-Ran 1/16 thru 4/18 and ending $1000 in the red.
•Calzone Friday’s: …started with 40 per and ended with 80 per Friday
•Retail Block Change: decreased to 30 minutes; thus giving students more time to eat
•National Nutrition Month: Had corporate dietician on site for National Nutrition Month for student Q&A & Info
•Healthy selections: Added to menu - Yogurt Parfaits, Fresh Fruit Cups, Vegetable Cups, Baked Sweet Potatoes
•Kashi: Added granola bars to the dessert selection for a healthy choice
•“Taste of Love”: Opened the Grille during Welcome Weekend and Parents Weekend to offer discounted “Taste of Love” packages. Selling a combo pack totaling 180 packages sold.
•Valentine Package: Offered a Valentine Package of a Heart Cookie & Balloon for $10, sold and delivered over 30.
•Signage: Improved the signage regarding service hours and meal selections
•New Products: Added a Tyson promo product to our everyday menu line…Chili Lime Chicken
•Surveys: Maintained positive survey results. Office Goals Office for 2011-2012
•Time & Attendance System: Research and implement a system, possibly one that could service a lot of the smaller, less financially stable accounts to “share” the cost.
•Streamline Catering Booking: To assist the catering department in a clerical way…i.e. answering phone, booking and checking availability, possibility a “catering” program for the computer that could be “shared”.
•Digitize Employee Records: Working on making employee records that are now on paper, converted to digital.
•Departmental Smart Cards: Working on making Departmental Charge Cards, verses paper charges. Main Office: Jerry Nelson/Nathan Maurer
•Budget Control-Sales figures were higher, Overall Expenses were lower than previous year
•Kept survey’s positive throughout the year…completing an average of 300-400 student/staff surveys
•Held weekly meetings with Steve Olson to keep abreast of the working of the cafeteria. Overall DC Updates for 2011-2012
• Getting pricing on re-facing older equipment to match the “showcase”
• Wire shelving underneath service lines to display dinner plates
• Remove old coffee cabinet, and replace with a different storage unit
• Possibility of a smaller soup bowl, maybe a soup cup
• Adding “can lighting” to main lines to give a softer look Dining Services
2010-2011 Progress Report Goals for 2011-2012 at The Grille
•New Products:
oAdd a Panini grill to the dining room for students to grill their own sandwiches (if power available)
oWrite a new special offerings menu, sandwiches and main course Grab & Go Salads
oLooking to adding a new merchandising display refrigerator, going to all packaged salads for Grab & Go, eliminating the salad bar concept.
oWould like to add a “make your own” waffle station to our continental breakfast offerings
oWe are adding boiled eggs to the breakfast selection
•Seed: Attain “Seed” certification from Creative Dining
•Signage: Have updated signage, monitors to display specials, hours and events
•Branding: Pursue Emma & Charlie’s pizza program The Grill
Headed by: Vickie Rhodes Office/Dining Room:
Headed by: Penny Milholland •Employee Morale: Planned an employee outing after school was out, presented service awards.
•Training: Hired and trained a new Administrative assistant when Jessica Craig resigned, promoted an experienced office assistant from our front of the house staff…Adrienne Zotz. Introduced a new Attendance Program. Assisted Nathan in the reorganization of the Clean Up Crew Staff and Scheduling.
•Labor Savings: Reduced cashier/dining room staff, but still maintaining the same services.
•Going Green: Worked with Admissions to be “green” when it comes to complimentary guest cards. Now utilizing CBord scanner for comp meals, but scanning a specially made card.
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