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Sparking Creativity: Igniting Students' Passions

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Alison Landa

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Sparking Creativity: Igniting Students' Passions

Sparking Creativity: Igniting Students' Passions
What is creativity?
The ability to generate and express novel ideas and approaches to a set of conditions or facts.

The process of having original ideas that have value. Ken Robinson
*Creativity allows students to make an emotional connection to their work which leads to curiosity and deep memory of the information.
*"If there is no emotional or intellectual connection to new information..it will be discarded and attention will be withdrawn."Willis, 2006
Setting Up A Creative Classroom
Realistic Goals and Time Frames
Coaching: Rubrics and Clear, Non-Stifling Feedback
Creativity Requires Freedom, Comfort, and Collaboration
Areas of Curiosity and Williams' Taxonomy
Fluency (many), Flexibility (different), Originality (unusual), Elaboration (adding onto an idea),
Risk Taking,

Creativity Prompts
Flexible: SCAMPER
Samples and Applications
Creative Thinking While Maintaining Importance of Facts and Context

What would happen if?
British won the Revolutionary War?
Unusual Uses? Product Improvement?
Reverse Brainstorming
Increase Pollution? Promote Bullying?
Trading Cards
incorporates facts, abstract depiction, conclusions, comparisons between cards, trade cards, study cards
Change Matrix
What would changes in some concept (e.g. cloud formation, geometric shapes, behavior of a character) cause?
Be The Thing
Questions: How do you feel? What are your thoughts? What will you do?
I am scared that nobody will want to play me. i feel lonely when kids try to get rid of me.
Writing and Trading Point of View Letters
Steps: In groups, students must write persuasive letter, then swap with other group.
With other group's letter, the group must identify main points, collaborate to organize ideas in priority order, and present opposite side.
Do Now:)
List 1 assignment or culminating question that you would like to change this year.
(E.g. Summarizing, Retelling, Explaining)

KWW/I Charts
Know, Want to know, Learned---> Know, Want to know, Wonder/Imagine
Describe and Transform
Object or Symbol or Piece of an Object
Grant Three Wishes/Write From A New Perspective
GE: Generate and Elaborate
List as many words related to topic, define, and explain relation
Innovate/Patent Process
possible needs or problems and ways to respond
: Is it worth pursuing?
How can this be created?
Is it complete? Are there any issues/ problems with idea?
Traps In Creativity
Creativity takes effort, subject matter understanding, ability to put a new spin on task

Apply the "Goldilocks Rule" to evaluate outcome

Words To Take Home
Replace: Summarize, Answer, Fill in, Complete

Imagine ?
Just suppose?
What if?
What would happen?
Generate and Create
Brainstorm, Generate, Connect, Relate, Design, Produce, Construct, Predict, Improve
The Times, They Are Changing:)
From Forbes:
In the coming age, creative thinking and problem solving, as well as teamwork, will be key traits for success.

65% of preschoolers will hold positions that
do not currently exist.
Creativity Challenge
How can we encourage students to think outside the box?

Connect 9 dots without lifting your pencil, all lines must connect

List as many possible uses for a mug as possible.
Ideas To Take Home
Our job is not to make up anybody's mind, but to open minds and make the agony of decision making so intense [students can] escape only by thinking. Fred Friendly
Creativity, Collaboration, Assessment
I am a visionary
I am courageous
I am collaborative

I am determined
I am reflective

A creative conference for the sole purpose of producing a checklist of ideas – ideas which can serve as leads to problem solution – ideas which can subsequently be evaluated and further processed.

Applied Imagination
Divergent Thinking:
Convergent Thinking:
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