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How Cell Functions And Structures Are Similar To The Human Body

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Jack TheSparrow

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of How Cell Functions And Structures Are Similar To The Human Body

How Cell Functions And Structures are Similar To The Human Body
The cytoplasm is right under the cell membrane/skin so in the human body it would be BLOOD.The cytoplasm would be blood as it provides a means for the transportation of nutrients for vesicles to travel.
the most likely body parts for the vesicle would either be the live or the gull bladder as they both temporarily store nutrients for later use and break down substances.
The nucleus is like the brain of the human body it make sure that the cell maintains it's homeostasis.This includes the cells growth and reproduction.
Lysosomes serve as the digestive system of cells and would be the pancreas inside the human body.The pancreas digest food without using enzymes.
EndoPlasmic Reticulum
ER Is much are much like blood vessels of the human body.As veins carry deoxygenated blood from tissues to the lungs.The Arteries provide a system to carry blood away from the heart.
Golgi Apparatus
The cardiovascular system inside the human body sends oxygen where is needed through the veins and removes low oxygenated blood from the heart and sends it back to the lungs where the cycle is repeated.
Mithochondria Is the powerhouse of the cell wich inside the human body is the digestive tract because as the nutrients go along the digestive tract glucose is extracted from it and converted into ATP by cells that line the digestive tract.
The centrioles makes up the cells structure from the organization of chromosomes.Bone inside the human body make up our structure making us look the way we are.
The vacuole stores water and energy for later use.Fats inside the human body also store energy and when you workout you burn that fat and release that stored energy.
The cell membrane is much like the human skin protecting our body from exterior germs and bacteria that would otherwise be harmful to you.Also it is semi-permeable meaning it lets somethings in and keeps others out.
Cell Membrane
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