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1920's Famous Jazz Clubs

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Brady Reim

on 20 January 2012

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Transcript of 1920's Famous Jazz Clubs

1920's Famous Jazz Clubs New York was a big attraction place for jazz. Many musicians such as Louis Armstrong left there own band and went to New York to listen and play some real jazz music. The famous genre was ragtime in New York. This river boat was located in New Orleans. This was a big attraction for people to come and dance and have fun. Kansas City was booming with jazz music. There were fifty jazz clubs in a one six block district. Kansas attracted all kinds of people when the mass exodus happened in New Orleans, Kansas filled the streets with people.

This jazz club was located in Chicago, Illinois. The jazz music was different in Chicago then in any other place, because it was less wild and more uniformed. As jazz grew in popularity segregation came into play against whites and blacks. Chicago was where the first radio broad cast of jazz music was made. Duke Ellington had a residency at this club. He wrote many pieces of music, and proformed alot of shows here. The Cotton Club is located in New York. This is a famous jazz club located on the south side of Chicago.Vassar's scale steppers was located on thirty first street in Chicago. This is a famous jazz club in the 1920's, this club is a special club (the halfwall- house club). Jazz bands was very popular in the parks. Many musicians would go to the parks to proform for the animals. The Green Mill was one of the oldest jazz clubs in Chicago, founded in 1907. This jazz club was for the rich and high class people. By: Brady Reim
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