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Blue Tailed Mole Skink

No description

Bowen Saylor

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Blue Tailed Mole Skink

Blue Tailed Mole Skink
Fast Facts and Ending
The Blue Tailed Mole Skink has 2 eyes as normal but it also has 3 supra-ocular scales.

Its diet is worms, spiders and many other insects.

The skink can run like a lizard, as mentioned and can eat like a snake but it will not harm humans.

You have probably learned a lot about the Blue Tailed Mole Skink after reading this informational book. So, if you are ever walking through the Everglades keep your eyes peeled for the one and only Blue Tailed Mole Skink!
Endangered Status
The Blue Tailed Mole Skink is a cousin of the Mole Skink and is on the U.S endangered species list. The Skink declined as the area developed and the habitat grew at the same time. Fire suppression has also affected the skinks habitat. Naturally occurring wild fires can really keep this habitat in check. Without natural fires, a habitat will overgrow and change into a different habitat type. This has happened in the Blue Tailed Mole Skinks habitat, limiting where this creature can live :)
The Skinks habitat is made up of small pockets within larger sand pine scrub and sand hill areas. The Blue Tailed Mole Skink's habitat during the 20th century declined because of citrus farming and residential development. The Skink declined as the area got built up. Fires also have changed their habitat a lot.

The Blue Tailed Mole Skink lives in Polk and Highland counties so it is considered found in the northern part of the outstanding Florida Everglades.

You can identify the Blue Tailed Mole Skink by its many characteristics. For example, it has 4 stripes on the long body and head and a blue tail. It has tiny feet that allow the skink to run really fast across the slick, loose sand. The skink's feet have 4 toes that are the same color as the body. Other characteristics include 3
r scales and a red chin and belly on breeding males. The texture of the reptile is very smooth but you might not be able to touch it because of its blazing speed.
By Bowen Saylor
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