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Paper Airplane Project

No description

Shelby Seyerle

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Paper Airplane Project

TEST 1 AIRPLANE # Data Table ~4 pieces of copy paper
~one roll of clear scotch tape (one sided)
~Phone; computer; some sort of internet device.
~ruler ~Take your 4 pieces of copy paper and make 4 of the same airplane.
~follow the directions on the the website below
~once you have your airplanes made label them in a corner from 1-4
~ take plane #1 and take the ruler and measure 2 inches of tape off and put it on top so the tape is in the middle.
~then take plane #2 and do the same and this time you're going add another piece of tape on the bottom in the middle. so that it covers up the loose pieces of paper.
~ for the #3 airplane just leave it without tape.(no tape at ALL)
~the #4 airplane you need to just a have a piece of tape on the bottom like on plane #2 Paper Airplane Project Paper Airplane Project By:Shelby Seyerle Hypothesis Materials Procedure If the paper has more tape then it will fly longer because the more tape the stronger it is when flying. Independent & Dependent Variables Independent Variable(s): The amount of tape you use. Dependent Variable(s):
~How long the flight of the airplane is. Graph Analysis Experimental Errors ~Heat was turned on, therefor creating more of a draft ~ I didn't throw the airplane in the exact same spot as all the others ~I may not have creased every airplane as well as the one before. ~ I had my dog in the house........... Conclusion Things that are held together with stronger material are more than likely to work or fly better. ( the more tape I used the longer the flight of the airplane was) Recommendations I do recommend that if you're doing a project like this make sure you do not have the vents on, don't have any animals in the room, and it would be better if you did this type of project in a school hallway or a really big open space. By: Shelby Seyerle continued...... ~ Take your 4 labeled sirplanes,pencil and paper and go into and open spaced room.
~take plane #1 airplane and fly it. (When you let go of the plane is when you start the timer and when it stops moving is when you stop the timer.) Record the data on a table on how long it flys. (do this 3x)
~take plane #2 airplane and fly it. Record the data on a table on how long it flys.(do this 3x)
~take plane #3 airplane and fly it. .Record the data on a table on how long it flys.(Do this 3x)
~take plane #4 airplane and fly it. .Record the data on a table on how long it flys.(do this 3x)
~now find the averages by adding each flight time together on that specific plane then divide by 3. ~Timer;Phone timer. ~My dog was in the room, and is afraid of everything, so when i threw my airplane he ran away which created a draft causing the time to vary for the airplane.
~ I noticed after I had done the experiment that there were many vents in the room, which caused drafts because I had the heat turned on because it was like 30 degrees.
~ I had the same design for all of the airplanes, while the tape differed for each airplane because that was what my project was on. Their results were some what similar because the design for the airplane was the same. TEST 2 TEST 3 AVERAGES 1
4 1.0s
.9s .9s
1.0s 1.4s
.9s 1.1
.9 s=seconds 1.4------ +------------------------------------------------------------


+ + +


.2-------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 2 3 4 Airplane # Seconds Key
Blue- test 1
Green- test 2
Yellow- test 3
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