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He was born October 27,1858 to parents Martha and Theodore.

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Kayla Bentley

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of He was born October 27,1858 to parents Martha and Theodore.

Theodore Roosevelt
He was born October 27,1858 to parents Martha and Theodore.
He grew up with siblings Elliot, Corinne, and Bamie Roosevelt.
During his childhood he was very ill and found himself doing a lot of exercise for fun and health reasons.
His family was a big influence on his life and made him the man he is today.
Growing up he traveled vastly around Europe and the Middle East while being tutored by a private teacher.
Then he moved in with a host family and enrolled into Harvard College and also Columbia Law but dropped out after a year.

The Beginning
The Roosevelt's
He got married in 1880 to Alice Hathaway Lee.
He was elected into the New York Assembly and served two terms. (1882-1884)
His wife gave birth to their daughter named Alice Lee, Alice(wife) soon died later.
To escape grief he got into political work, then moved west to live the frontier lifestyle and seek his childhood sweetheart Edith Kermit Carow. they married in 1886 and had five children: Theodore, Kermit, Ethel, Archibald, and Quentin.
He began to write and soon returned to his political career by running for mayor unsuccessfully.

Young Adulthood
He served three terms September 14,1901 - March 4,1909 as a Republican after the split.
His Vice-President was Charles W. Fairbanks.
In his elections he won majority vote and, he's one of the most successful third party candidates.
He created the Department of Commerce (9th cabinet) and passed many acts as well.
The Presidency
Theodore Roosevelt
The 26th President
By: Kayla Bentley
After his last term ended he went on a safari in Africa and soon returned back to politics.
He ran for president again and lost, feeling bitter he ran a second time.
During his campaign in October while delivering a speech he was shot by Jon Schrane.
He eventually recovered and remained active in politics although, his health was declining.
On January 6,1919 he died in his sleep.
He was known as a man of many firsts but he's mostly known for suiting the peoples needs.

After Presidency
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