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sophia seemann

on 26 April 2010

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How to use... PREZI Prezi is a blank space where you can sort and jot down ideas that you want to share. It's like a zooming prsentation. Getting set up? When you first get to your blank prezi page You will see a prezi menu to your left. Like this one If you are writing you ideas down... You simply have to double click And write your idea If you then click on your paragraph you will see something like this. The inside stripes alow you to move you paragraph any where on the page. The stripes going around the middle stripes alow you to rotate the picture or words. The outer stripes alow you to rotate the the object. The prezi menu lets you insert pictures and shapes... add frames... different color schemes... and make a path to view your presentation. Making a path to present your thoughts On the menu click path... Then click on "add"...
Link your thoughts in an order so your presention makes sense. Like this Showing your PREZI If you click on show it will set you up to present your prezi with just a click to start. Here is and example of a finished Prezi. PREZI IS AWESOME!!!!!!
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