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Cell organelle

No description

Mia Taylor

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Cell organelle

Cell Membrane
Function: the cell membrane controls what comes into and out of the cell

Analogy: The cell membrane is like the door of the kitchen because the door is where things come into and out of the kitchen.
Function: Where the work of the
cell takes place

Analogy: The cytoplasm is like the bench in the kitchen because that is where all the chopping and mixing takes place.
Function: Vacuoles are a very
important part of cells. They
are like a container that holds
waste and isolates materials
that may be harmful about it.

Analogy: A rubbish bin is similar
to Vacuoles. It holds wastes and you
can get rid of unneeded rubbish that
may smell, or make a mess in your
kitchen, just like how vacuoles get
rid of waste from the cell.
Function: The cell Nucleus acts like
the brain of the cell. It controls most
of the things the cell does such as
movement and reproduction. It is a
dark spot in the middle of all the
cytoplasm. It probably will not be around
the edge of the cell because that is a
dangerous place for the Nucleus to be.
Nucleus is found in eukaryotes.

Analogy: I think electricity in the kitchen is like Nucleus. Electricity makes a lot of the kitchen facilities work, such as a toaster, kettle and a dishwasher. Just like nucleus, cells will not work or be able to move without it. Without electricity, many of the things in the kitchen will not work.
Function: The powerhouse of the
cell that release energy from food

Analogy: The mitochondria is like the
chef because a chef is in charge and
has the skill to make the kitchen work.
Function: When a cell needs protein,
it looks for ribosomes. Ribosomes are
the protein builders of the cell. They
connect one amino acid at a time and
build long chains. Ribosomes are unique because they are found in both prokaryotes
and eukaryotes. Every cell needs ribosomes
to make protein. They can be found floating
free or attached to the er.

Analogy:An egg is something very common to find in a kitchen. An egg is extremely high in protein and gives lots of protein to the
human body, just as ribosomes give
protein to a cell.
Endoplasmic reticulum
Function: Forms pathways that
allow materials to move quickly and
easily through the cell

Analogy: The endoplasmic reticulum is
like a trolley in the kitchen because it
allows foods or utensils to move
through the kitchen quickly.
Golgi Apparatus

Function: Golgi Apparatus gathers
simple Molecules and combines them
to make more complex molecules.
Then it takes those big molecules and
packages them in vesicles, and either
stores them for later use or sends them
out of the cell.

Analogy: Golgi can be like Glad wrap
and plastic bags. In the kitchen, you use
Glad wrap to package things to save for
later, or sometimes put scraps into
plastic bags, to throw them away.
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