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Similes & Metaphors


Tina Bosma

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Similes & Metaphors

A comparison using like or as. A metaphor states that one thing is something else.

It is a comparison, but it does NOT use like or as to make the comparison.
The field is a rainbow of colors. Metaphors Similes The trees are like a canopy protecting the road.
The lake is as a smooth as glass. The clouds are balls of cotton.
Her hair is silk.
His feet were as big as boats.
The baby was like an octopus, grabbing at all the cans on the grocery store shelves.
The giant’s steps were thunder as he ran toward Jack.
Those girls are like two peas in a pod.
As the teacher entered the room she muttered under her breath, "This class is like a three-ring circus!"
The pillow was a cloud when I put my head upon it after a long day.
• Find a partner.
• You have 15 minutes to come up with as many similes and
metaphors to go along with the above photos.
• Each group will share three of their favorite examples.
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