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Grassland Plants

April 24, 2010 Biome Fair Science

Ryan KnudsonsClass

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Grassland Plants

Grass can grow extremaly fast,
so it will grow back. Plants and
trees are not so lucky... Spanish Needle was named
by a spanish explorer. It has
sharp needles. Plants recieve the most energy
in the energy pyramid. After eating the plants, herbavores
recieve some of the energy from the
plant. Carnavores get little energy from
the herbavore. Prezi Presentation
by Ryan Merrigan Farmers eat the food they grow, since
they use grasslands as thier farms. Since it is flat land for miles,
plants easily recieve light. Adaptions 50% of grassland
plants are grasses. Carpetweed, also known as Frog
Fruit, is also found in Florida. It has
bumps on it's flowers; That is how it
has it's name. Animals need plants to survive
in grasslands. Pepper Grass is found in Florida. It was named for it's white flowers. Scarlet Milkweed is a palnt
found in Florida. It has it's
name because of it's color. Food Chain Thickseed is found in the
southern United States.
It has a thick seed in the middle
of the plant. Grass can survive intense
heat and days with out
water because thier roots
are deep in the ground, and
absorb water there. Plants Others Out of the 6 types of
grasses, the grazing grass
grows in the grasslands.
This grass is good for animals. Grass-Pink is found in the United
States. And it is... pink. Somtimes lightning or animals
may damage the plant. For grass,
this is no problem. Grassland Plants Plants are green because
of Photosynthesis. When
the sun's rays hit the plant,
a chemical reaction happens,
turning the plant green. Sites http://www.biol.andrews.edu/everglades/organisms/plants/grassland_plants.html http://www.hamiltonnature.org/habitats/grasslands/grass_plants.htm RFM-OGB Presents... The roots of the grass allow the plant to spring up
after the stem is removed. This is why grass can
survive better then other plants.
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