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Self Promotion 2.0

Design Brief for 'Design at the Edge' at Parsons the New School for Design

kelsey meuse

on 19 October 2010

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Transcript of Self Promotion 2.0

Self Promotion 2.0 Concept Questions Relevance Research Conclusions Proposal How do our peers use their web presence?
Do they plan to alter their profiles and overall web presence when entering the professional world in order to promote themselves more? If so, how?
Have they gained employment from their web presence and/or online contacts? Audience Gen Y creatives entering the professional sphere As social media gains prominence as a means of communication and the job market dwindles, everyone needs to become savvy to personal branding and web presentation. An effective web presence is important for Gen Y creatives but is rarely taught in school. How Gen Y creatives use the Internet as a Promotional Tool Case Studies In today's hyper-competitive job market and especially in the creative industries, having an effective web presence is an essential part of self-promotion.

How are our peers using their web presence to get ahead? How could they be more effective? Many of our interviewees actively promote themselves online, but few of them have taken advantage of the breadth of services available for online promotion. Those who did not have an active web presence expressed interest in promoting themselves online but lacked the knowledge or skills to do so. weblish.me
Website with friendly tutorials and self-promotional tips
Aimed towards less tech-savvy Gen-Y creatives
Covers social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, Tumblr
Also covers portfolio and blogging solutions
Tutorials utilize text, photo, and video Goal: Make it easy for anyone to have an effective web presence. Twitter Portfolio Facebook Blog Ida C. Benedetto
24 Mostly professional but also personal.
About her work as well as current events, etc.
Used most frequently for self-promotion in tandem with twitter. Using Photoshelter for portfolio allows for community but not enough customization.
Hasn't updated in a while, would like to have something more personal. Uses Twitter personally and professionally.
Has gained business contacts through Twitter.
Uses every day.
Links to portfolio site. Mainly uses personally but links to her other sites.
Links status updates with her Twitter feed. Michael Manes Printmaking and Painting
Age: 22 Personal website linked to his Facebook information page.
Views Facebook primarily as a social community and uses it to keep in contact with friends.
Has never used Facebook to gain business contacts.
Would be interested in becoming part of an online community in which he could connect and meet other people in the printmaking business. Personal website showcases his portfolio and resume.
Views face-to-face networking as more effective, but would be interested in learning more about tools he can utilize in order to meet other artists online and join a community.
He is interested in learning more about LinkedIn and other networking tools. “The Internet can be a buffer zone for people, almost like a handicap.” "As I grow more self conscious about my web presence as a promotional tool rather than a mode of conversation, a little battle happens in my head between the me who likes to be opinionated and frank and the me who cares about how this will all look later, specifically to future employers." Facebook Portfolio "If you don't carve out a space for yourself online, other people will define you." -Julia Allison Daniel Kim
Age: 24 "My dream is to one day lead a socially responsible 'pop' entertainment company. " Publically available facebook page.
All of his songs and videos are available.
Able to connect with his 200+ fans.
Trying to get signed. Promotes his videos on Youtube.
More than 100 subscribers.
Average video has around 1,000 views, some as many as 10-20,000. Facebook Youtube
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