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maria de alba

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of "DEMOGRAPHIC"

"Market segmentation"


Mowen, J. C., & Minor, M. S. Consumer Behavior. New jersey: PRENTICE HALL.
Schiffman, L. G., & Lazar Kanuk, L. (2011). Consumer Behavior. prentice hall.
(s.f.). Obtenido de http://www.danonino.com.mx/productos/
(s.f.). Obtenido de http://www.seventeen.com/
PANTOJA, J. (24 de ENERO de 2012). MERCA 2.0. Obtenido de http://www.merca20.com/se-pone-en-el-mercado-el-nuevo-danonino-platano/

Andrea Romo Chao
Jorge Álvarez Chávez
Diana Razo Amezquita
Mauricio Guitiérrez
Maria de Alba Ramírez
Estefanía Horta Gaytan
The needs and desires of consumers change with age. Some companies use the segmentation by age and life cycle, offering different products or using different marketing approaches for different age groups and life cycle.
Danoninothis particular segment focused age of one to ten years.
Their campaigns are directed towards children and are distinguished by promoting the healthy development of these.
This magazine is
made ​​especially
for young women
aged 17.
Maria:use age to segment a market is very important that you distinguish who your buyers and if you use it well can create loyalty to your brand for example Danonino

Diana: I learned that the age is variable witch help the companies to establish what their market and what type of advertising have to use for each specific group of costumers.

Mauricio: the age is so important for the market, each generations has differents opinions and tastes.Each generation is a different market, it depends on the age

Estefanía:I learn that the age is so important because depending of the age of the customers we can adapt a product or a service that is useful and attractive for the person.

Andrea :Age is an essential factor for companies to target their products to the right market. Every company needs to take age in consideration to sell its products and be successfull

jorge:Age is one of the most essential segments to define a target because it focuses on needs or inclinations depending on the life time of each person.
The categories about the age are four:

1. Children
2. Youth
3. Adults
4. Seniors

The main functions about the categories are
that they establish and divide the population according to the age. Also help the companies to find their specific segmentation in the market.

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