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Illinois Mammals

No description

Connie Yordy

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Illinois Mammals

Nature 101
Illinois Mammals Let's take a quiz. How many of these mammals can you identify?
#1 is an easy one. It is also the Illinois State Mammal. #2 - This is the only marsupial in North America. #3 - There are six species of this type of animal in Illinois. This one is the smallest mammal in the world. #4 - This animal lives underground and eats worms and grubs. #5 - There are 13 species of this type of animal in Illinois. This is one of the smallest and the most common. #6 - There are three species of Lagomorphs in Illinois. This is the most common. #7 - This is the largest rodent in the United States. #8 - These small rodents are often eaten by owls. There are three different species in Illinois. #9 - These rodents are eaten by the larger owls. The first name of this mammal is the name of a Scandinavian country. there are four other species in Illinois. #10 - You might find this small mammal living in your home, but there are six other species in Illinois. #11 - This mammal lives in and around water. #12 - You might mistakenly consider this small rodent a "good follower." #13 - This one is very common in the Mid-western plains, but may be a hard one for you, so I'll give you some hints. First name is the habitat, second name is something you have on the sides of your pants, and the third name is the other name for a woodchuck. #14 - These are quite small and nocturnal. #15, #16, and #17 - There are three species of squirrels in Illinois. Name them. #18 - There are two species of this type of animal in Illinois. This one has 13 stripes on its back. #19 - This mammal has at least three common names. We have one living under our shed in our backyard. #20 - These small mammals have a cardinal direction as the first part of its name. #21 - No hints on this one. #22 - There are two species of this type of canid in Illinois. The first part of their names is a color. #23 - The other one. We currently have two of these pups at TreeHouse. #24 - No hints on this one either. #25 - This is one of my favorite animals. #26 and #27 - Two species in Illinois - The first is much more common than the second. #28 - There are two species of this mammal in Illinois. This one is much smaller. It is the smallest carnivore in the world. #29 - Unfortunately, some people like to wear these animals. #30 - No hints needed. #31 - I didn't realize that these mammals were native to Illinois. These animals have been extirpated in Illinois. What does that mean? Choose an animal:
little brown bat house mouse gray wolf
deer mouse Norway rat mountain lion
meadow mole 13-lined ground squirrel
Eastern chipmunk woodchuck fox squirrel Eastern gray squirrel least weasel
red squirrel Southern flying squirrel
muskrat beaver
plains pocket gopher Eastern mole
Eastern cottontail rabbit Virginia opossum
least shrew raccoon
red fox gray fox least weasel
coyote river otter badger
striped skunk spotted skunk mink
bobcat white-tailed deer http://web.extension.illinois.edu/wildlife/directory_mammals.cfm
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