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ToK presentation.

Music, and the extent to which it affects our perception

Adan Banga

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of ToK presentation.

Why the music? Directors argument Critics argument How does Music in film
affect our emotions
and our perception? Emotional play in films Which emotions do these soundtracks evoke?: How many successful films lack a soundtrack? Humans are emotional beings Music is a form of art Art is created to illicit an emotional response Successful films should have music to reach emotion Not very many... Wait a minute... It alters our perception?
Do you have evidence? Steven Spielberg said that
50% of Jaws success was
due to the soundtrack
composed by John Williams. Adds to viewing experience:
Enhances characters
Highlights key moments
Captures emotion
Draws viewer in Is it a good or a bad thing? Deceives the audience:
Disguises bad acting
Takes focus off of visuals
Can disguise editing mistakes
Alters the viewers perception Almost all emotions can be targeted by music. Yes Perception Emotion Closely linked Ability to perceive changes with emotion. Truly your view? Or was your perception changed? If the music made you emotional, chances are it was. But, music isn't just used in films! It isn't but surely it has the same affect? Other major global phenomena using music:
Radio (both, songs and advertising)
T.V. shows
Visual advertising (T.V., YouTube, Cinema etc.)
Sports events
Carnivals / festivals
Political rallies Most global and most controversial?

Advertising and politics Would you ever use this software? Is it unethical for uncreative media to use music?

Should it be kept within creative and performing arts? The music makes the advert, like many adverts today.

Your attention was diverted from the facts.
And I doubt it was the first time. Ethical?
Director vs Critic Many adverts use music... why?
Creates a false mood
Changes emotions of viewer favourably
Ultimately, shows a product in a better

Maybe the actual product is terrible? Ethical implications? If music can change our emotions and perception so easily, isn't it dangerous? Couldn't it be used to promote bad ideas? Should there be restrictions on music in advertising? Maybe even restrictions on all global media using music? Knowledge issue How does music affect our emotion
and perception, in terms of our
interpretation of the world? Excitement
Sadness What do you think? Scientific studies 1995 Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, decided to see why music appealed to many people.

70% of both genders said "because it elicits emotions and feelings" Carol Krumhansl, a psychologist at Cornell University, studied the physical biological affects music has on a person.

"Sadness leads to a slower pulse, raised blood pressure, a decrease in the skin's conductivity and a drop in body temperature. Fear produces increased pulse rates. Happiness causes faster breathing" Area of Knowledge: History Some of the most sinister political parties greatly used music to their advantage:

Most notably, the Nazi party during their rise to power, prior to the Second World War. They used music within propaganda to:
Enhance their image
Increase their perceived power
Look intimidating and undisputed
Promote ideology

"Triumph of The Will", 1934 Propaganda film. Soundtrack was key. Communist Russia, during the rule of Stalin, brought about three major concepts:
Visionary utopianism
Socialist realism
Made Russia more communist centered, only music promoting correct ideals was permitted. "Socialist realism music" embodied the communist ideals Area of Knowledge: Media
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