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Five Feet of Space

No description

Thomas Steinhagen

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Five Feet of Space

Five Feet of Space [Thomas Steinhagen] Mission:
As members of society, we witness devastating war, irreversible environmental damage, a crumbling economy, and want to make a change. But those same ideas can overwhelm us and discourage our efforts before we can even decide where to begin. This is where the Five Feet of Space Project comes in. If each person decides to take care of their own five feet of personal space by choosing to be peaceable, environmentally and politically aware in their own five feet and encourages five others to do the same and then encourages those five people to tell five others and so on, the world can be transformed – five feet at a time. History:
In the Fall of 2008, NAU Honors Professor Robyn Slayton-Martin taught a course based on the Vietnam War Experience. Towards the end of the semester, her students needed to “debrief” themselves and sort out the experience of studying such a controversial and sometimes incomprehensible event. She asked her class, “What will you do with your newfound knowledge?” This is what led one of her students to create the Five Feet of Space Project. This student explained that a teacher had told her, if everyone tried to be compassionate, aware, and peaceable in their own five feet of space and shared that message with others, eventually more and more people could change the world. Present:
In the Spring of 2010, one of Professor Slayton-Martin’s Honors English classes chose to continue the Five Feet of Space project. This class sold recycled rubber wristbands, with the words “Five Feet of Space” printed on them, asking wearers to take care of their own five feet of space in various compassionate ways (i.e. to tell five others about the five feet of space project). The students sold the wristbands for $2.50 each, with all proceeds donated to Beyond the Eleventh, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping widowed Afghani women and their children by creating educational and economic opportunities within the country. Outreach

On Tuesday, April 13, 2010, the Five Feet of Space project advertised with their own Facebook fan page. Since that time, over 170 people officially “like” and support Five Feet of Space. Bear in mind that only 19 days have passed, and the project has a great deal of room to grow.
~Earth DaY
On Thursday, April 22, 2010, HON191 students set up vendor space at the NAU Earth Day event. The purpose was to sell wristbands, raise awareness about the Five Feet of Space project, and to spread the word. ~Fliers
Another way the HON191 class tried to spread the word was through fliers posted around campus (i.e. University Union, Fine Arts, etc.)
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