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Artemis fowl

No description

Kareem Howard

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Artemis fowl

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by Kareem Howard and Preston Petrucka ARTEMIS FOWL summary Artemis Fowl wanted to show one of the richest people in the world the c-cube. the guy wants to buy the c-cube but Artemis would not sell it. Artemis and his body guard butler need a whole lot of luck to get out of this one alive. c-cube= Butler= Artemis Fowl= Holly= recommend i do not recommend this book for adults because there is fairys and stuff in the book. you need an imagination or else this book will not be good.i recommend this for kids because we have lots of imagination and there is a lot of suspense book review Major movies he stole fairy magic and is running from everyone book was -imaginative
-really good
-lots of information
-descriptive Eoin colfer = -irish author
-teacher before writer
-books compared to j.k. Rowling
-on Sept. 2002 wrote 6th hitchhikers guide
-famous for Artemis fowl major books -Enterity code
-the last guardian
-lost colony-time paradox
-Atlantis complex
-opal deception
-and arctic incident -13 year old
-very smat
-works for family business
-criminal -Artemis fowls body guard
-strong -best fairy captain
-very smart
-good stamina
-great agility -something Artemis did
-advanced fairy magic
-does anything
-only opens artemis made up language summary entirety code is about how Artemis fowl stole advance fairy magic and everyone has gone looking for him and his body guard
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