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Treasure Map C1 Lesson

A rough outline of what students will discover in Culinary 1

Bradley Tomkinson

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Treasure Map C1 Lesson

What was the world like then? Safe Staff,
Your first certification Mis en Place-
Kitchen Readiness Identifying Tools and Equipment Food Safety
Workplace Safety In Ancient Greece,
and Rome,
the desire for exotic foods and spices increased trade,
and contributed to the Roman Empire's expansion Trades & Crusades Food & Spice Romans
start the first
Guilds Groups of people with similar interests
or professions Renaissance Da Vinci Tremendous Wealth
Spent on
Lavish Lifestyles 15 February 1564– 8 January 1642 April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519 13 April 1519 – 5 January 1589 Abandoned by his parents
at 10 yrs old;
in the streets of Paris,
in 1794 He worked as a kitchen boy
at a cheap Parisian chophouse
in exchange for room and board He was born in 1784 At the height
of the French Revolution Times were tough! ` He Designed,
"Haute Cuisine" "Haute" "Cuisine"
Cooking as a
"Higher Art" He became
"The King of Chef's"
"The Chef of Kings" Marie-Antoine Inspiration Break! Who did the
"King of Chef's"
inspire? Georges Auguste Escoffier Having a Chef
Lots of "friends" to Show Off
and "No Limits!"
on Table Treasures Signing of
The Declaration of Independence What happened
in 1776? 28 October 1846 –
12 February 1935 What is the potential cost of damage from a food-borne illness outbreak? Then
what should you say?
What would You say if a Food-borne illness occured? 3 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW
ABOUT FOODBORNE ILLNESS How you prevent it How you get it What foods are they associated with PARASITES BACTERIA E. COLI F
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