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Financial Planning

No description

Katja Wallin

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Financial Planning

What College Can Do For You Why do you need a College Education? Not only do you make more a week but over your life time the average income increases! 1st step Professional Degree = 4.4 million Bachelor's Degree = 2.1 million Spark Master's Degree = 2.5 million High School diploma = 1.2 million How do you know what you want to do? First think about what your good at and what you like to do both in school and out of school. Can't figure it out?
Check out CFNC.org This website has many great ways to help you figure it out. So now lets pick two careers:
Business For Nursing you can get many different degrees and this how the amount of money changes based on your education. Registered Nurse (Associate's Degree) = $55,920
Bachelor's Nursing Degree = $74,588
Master's Nursing Degree = $88,000 Associate's Business = $35,000
Bachelor's in Business = $75,000
Master's in Business = $100,000 If you have any questions you can always talk to Ms. Wallin anytime.
Office = Upstairs on the math hall
Phone = (336) 634-3226
Email = kwallin@rock.k12.nc.us OR kwallin@email.unc.edu Ms_Wallin_RCHS Ms. Wallin, College Adviser RCHS Where do you get an associates degree? Where do you get a bachelors degree? So what about Master, Professional, & Doctorate? Can you go? What does it take to get in? The minimum for being accepted to a PUBLIC
four-year (bachelors degree) college in NC is:
GPA: 2.5
ACT: 17
SAT: 850 (Reading & Math) So how do you compare?
Know your GPA
Take the ACT/SAT seriously
Research now!
Understand the GPA changes Unweighted GPA
93-100 = 4.0
85-92 = 3.0
78-84 = 2.0
70-77 = 1.0
Weighted GPA
93-100 = 5.0
85-92 = 4.0
78-84 = 3.0
70-77 = 2.0

Weighted GPA (AP)
93-100 = 6.0
85-92 = 5.0
78-84 = 4.0
70-77 = 3.0
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