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Natural Resources - Lithosphere/Geosphere

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cinta aurelee

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Natural Resources - Lithosphere/Geosphere

BY: Cinta 7D
Natural Resources - Lithosphere
useful raw material that we get from the earth. And natural resource is an Asset or material that constitutes the natural capital of a nation. Natural resource require application of capital and extracted of their economic value.
what is a Natural Resource?
The lithosphere mostly fixes oxygen in minerals such as silicates and oxides. Most of the time the process is automatic all it takes is a pure form of an element coming in contact with oxygen such as what happens when iron rusts. A portion of oxygen is freed by chemical weathering. When a oxygen bearing mineral is exposed to the elements a chemical reaction occurs that wears it down and in the process produces free oxygen.
Silicon is the second most abundant element In the Lithosphere. the silicon present as "silicon dioxide." In the silicon dioxide, silicon atom forms a covalent bond to four oxygen atoms and each oxygen atoms form a covalent bond to two silicon atoms. silicon dioxide is needed daily, because uses in food productions.
Natural Resources Found In The Lithosphere
the main constituents of the lithosphere are:
Oxygen: 47%

Silicon: 28%

aluminum: 8%
iron: 5%

calcium: 4%

sodium: 3%
Potassium: 3%

Magnesium: 2%
Aluminum is the most abundant metal In the Lithosphere. Aluminum has combined with other elements. Aluminum material is one of the composition of the sial. Sial a precmbrian granite, the name of sial was taken from the words of silica and aluminum. Aluminum is the most useful metal from the earth crust or lithosphere.
Iron comprising nearly 5.6% of the lithosphere. Iron is primarily obtained from the mineral and magnetite. Other then aluminum, iron is also another metal that is also distributed in the lithosphere. Iron is a mineral that made up the oceanic crust. Iron is a important mineral of the marine's sediments, because it presence being the conspicuous by the color that it hydrated oxides to the sediments.

Although calcium is the fifth most abundant element in the earth's crust, it is never found free in nature since it easily forms by reacting with oxygen and water. Calcium releases because of a process chemical weathering of rocks. In the lithosphere, it carries calcium ions. Calcium reacts with carbonate, it makes to limestone.
Magnesium is a dietary mineral. In the lithosphere, magnesium is considered to be the eighth most abundant element. The nature and cost of the energy and energy materials have been important factors in the choice of the process development of magnesium
Sodium is a very reactive element and is never found free in nature. In the lithosphere, sodium mixed with the chloride in the oceanic lithosphere. The concentration of sodium has a dispersion not quite as large as the chloride concentration. That mixture is called sodium chloride.
Potassium is a very reactive element. The natural reserve of potassium a major essential plant nutrient, Potassium is fairly rich in soil. It comprises an average of 2.6% of the earth crust. Making it seventh most abundant element and the fourth most abundant mineral nutrient in the lithosphere.
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http://geowiki.ucdavis.edu/Geochemistry The_Earth_and_its_Lithosphere
Benefits/Advantages to humans
To make food
To make fuel
Providing energy
Man-made production
The conclusion is that, natural resource
is gather from the earth. So we have to take
care, and used for the useful things :)
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