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VizAxploring: DinoFun

ISSS608 Visual Analytics & Application - Group Project


on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of VizAxploring: DinoFun

Proposed d3 Visualisations
Problem and motivation
Help park management find answers to following:
How is the crowd movement like at specified time points?
Which attractions are the most popular?
Could heavily-used amenities be signs of insufficient amenities?
Which are the popular routes of movement?
Are there opportunites for additional revenue (e.g. marketing)
Can we help people trace their own movement (e.g. in Lost & Found scenarios)?
Chief d3 Programmer
References - Existing visualisations
Bar charts, line charts, heat maps
Guiding principles

Avinash VASTRAD, JI XiaoQi
SO Zhang Ting
Aurora, XiaoQi:
VA Expert cum d3 programmer

Overall project coordinator cum d3 programmer
Thank You!
Visual Storytelling: Analytical + Exploratory/Explanatory
Multiple visual representations of the data
Reader-driven Navigation
Zoom and Filter/Select
Details on demand
View Relationships between data elements
Highlight while providing context
Transform to simplify (Aggregated vs detail level)
Scatterplot + time filter
Hexagon binning + Treemap + time crossfilter
Sunburst + scatterplot + time crossfilter
Unrolling line chart with tooltips + time crossfilter
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