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Cambridge English for Engineering - Unit 4: Engineering Design

To help explain the concepts and terms used in Unit 4

Douglas Smith

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Cambridge English for Engineering - Unit 4: Engineering Design

I - Working with Drawings Discussing Dimensions and Precision Ex. 1 - 4 Language types of drawings:
elevation, schematic, cross-section, plan, exploded view 1 2 3 4 5 Ex. 6 Language for Precision & Accuracy accuracy, accurate, inaccurate
precision, precise, imprecise
tolerance(s), within t., outside t., to within t. , tight t. length, width, height, thickness, depth
long/short, wide/narrow, high/low, thick/thin, deep/shallow Ex. 7 Language for Dimensioning Ex. 8 Flanges B =
b =
T =
t =
D =
d =
r = 1.
Design Brief 2.
Rough Sketches 3.
Preliminary Drawings 4.
Working Drawings IV - Resolving Design Problems Useful Language advise, clarify, confirm, disregard, indicate, propose, request, state, work to alternative, conflict, contradict, resolve
as per Thank You! Unit 4 Engineering Design III - Describing Design Phases and Procedures Other types of Drawings general arrangement drawing detail drawing SkiDubai - Exterior SkiDubai - Interior Ex. 13 - Indoor Ski Complex Project HSFG Bolts cable tray ductwork standard Black bolts Case Study: Reaching for the Sky r = radius of the curve at the joint between the flanges and the web

d = depth of the web, measured between the ends of the curves at the joints, where the curves are flush with the face of the web 10d)
2. amend / revise
3. approximate / rough
4. circulate / issue
5. give feedback / comment on
6. replace / update / supercede
7. state / specify
8. solve / resolve Skyscrapers ? What technological and design improvements would help engineers to build taller skyscrapers? Question 12
dimensions could be different
assembly will be different (clashes)
missing information , detail
different versions Web
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