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The role of mountain forests in Europe

No description

Caroline S

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of The role of mountain forests in Europe

European Mountain Forests Advisor: Bernhard Wolfslehner 916.112 Interdisziplinäres Projekt UBRM 2012W Where do we find mountain forests in Europe?

The 3 most relevant:
•Alps (biggest parts in France, Austria & Italy)
•Pyrenees (in Spain & France)
•Carpathian Mountains (biggest parts in Ukraine,
Slovakia & Romania) The role of mountain forests in Europe ecological team socioeconomic team transcript writer:
Bernhard Schwarz team members:

Alexandra Benz
Hannah Ergot
Sandra Moser
Lukas Reithmayr
Bernhard Schwarz
Karina Steffner Research Question

To what extent do the given mountain chains differ, concerning the ecological significance in respect of climate change, biodiversity, carbon dioxide and water storage? 1. Introduction
2. Methods
3. Results
3.1. Climate change and consequences
(Karina, Lukas)
3.1.1. Sensitivity of mountain forest systems
3.1.2. Biotic and abiotic impacts on mountain forests
3.1.3. Adaptive capacity
3.1.4. Risks & opportunities of mountain forests Table of content I Communication- and research methods boku learn
google docs
mobile phone
personal meetings scopus
internet research
boku library
library of the university
of vienna Further Milestones Milestones Thanks for your attention!!! The role of mountain forests in Europe socioeconomic team ecological team team members:
Christian Hochauer
David Zangerle
Thomas Bibaritsch
Marie-Caroline Spallart
Theresa Binggl
Tessa Klimowicz Table of contents -Group organization
-Ecosystem services
-Research Question
-Structure of the Paper
-Further steps and
milestones Research Question What is the current socioeconomic importance of ecosystem services in mountain forests of the Pyrenees, the Carpathians and the Alps? Christian Hochauer 1040396
David Zangerle 1040886
Thomas Bibaritsch 0940572
Marie-Caroline Spallart 0808938
Theresa Binggl 0825557
Tessa Klimowicz 1051964 1. Introduction
2. Methods
2.1. Literature Research
2.2. Interview with an Expert
3. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
3.1. Provisioning services
3.1.1 Non Timber Forest Products (Theresa)
3.1.2 Fresh water (Theresa)
3.1.3 Timber products (Christian)
3.2. Regulating services
3.2.1 Fresh water regulation (Tessa)
3.2.2 Climate regulation (Thomas)
3.2.3 Protection forest (David)
3.3.Cultural services (Caroline)
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion Structure of the Paper Team Organization Socioeconomic Aspects of
European Mountain Forrests Christian Hochauer 1040396
David Zangerle 1040886
Thomas Bibaritsch 0940572
Marie-Caroline Spallart 0808938
Theresa Binggl 0825557
Tessa Klimowicz 1051964 Further Steps Milestones Thanks for your attention! Weekly meetings, Dropbox, google docs, e-mail Overview - Organization of the group
- Research question
- Table of content
- Milestones
- Internal communication- and
research methods
- Further milestones 3.2. Biodiversity in flora & fauna and
enviromental protection (Alex,
3.2.1. Change in biodiversity over the past ten years
3.2.2. Impacts on environmental protection practice
3.3. Water retention & storage
(Sandra, Bernhard)
3.3.1. Water storage capacities
3.3.2. Consequences on the biosphere due to increasing input
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion Table of content II Sandra Moser 1040264
Bernhard Schwarz 0841284
Hannah Ergott 1040197
Karina Steffner 0908918
Lukas Reithmayr 0940346
Alexandra Benz 0949007 27.11.2012
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