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Dead Sea Premium Spa Collection

No description

Petra Marjai

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Dead Sea Premium Spa Collection

Dead Sea
Premium Spa Collection
Premium ingredients:
Dead Sea Water, Dead Sea Mud with Avocado, Broccoli, Cucumber
Sal-Vento Premium Spa Collection line for DRTV and mail order systems
Exclusive formula with 26 minerals & trace elements
Facial peeling
Eye Gel
Night Cream
Facial Wash Off Mud Mask
Salvento Facial Peeling is made from Dead Sea mud and Dead Sea water, mixed with the basic ABC formula (Avocado-Brokkoli-Cucumber) extract to beautify your skin and to beautify your spirit. Removes impurities and dead skin cells and unclogs pores. It will leave your face feeling energized and smooth, while looking clean and radiant.
A gentle water base Eye Gel with Cucumber, Broccoli and water-based avocado extract with Dead Sea water properly absorbed as it enhances the moisture level of the eye contour. May help to reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging.
Salvento Facial Wash Off Mud Mask tones up, revitalizes and purifies the skin. Removes excess oil secretions. It firms and tightens the tissue leaving a velvety luster and a bright complexion. The special Mud Mask works by absorbing toxins from the skin and replenishing its outer layers with minerals.
A great water base nourishing anti-aging night cream for all skin with Carrot, Cucumber & Beet extracts. 26 Sea Minerals, Yeruham Desert Mud & Sea water. Properly absorbed as it enhances the moisture level of the skin, prevents dryness, helps reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, improves skin texture for a more refined, soft and smooth skin.

Natural Cold Mineral Extracts provides the skin with a rain of multivitamins such as vitamin B1, B3, B6, Vitamin E, Retinol, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and 26 minerals and trace element that boost the skin moisture.
Organic Cucumber
and Broccoli
Organic Avocado oil
and Avocado Cold Mineral
Extract helps to boost the collagen production and skin regeneration.
Why choose us?
Wholesale price (net):
Recommended sale price:
17,95 USD
69,95 USD
These Dead Sea products
thus they are easy to sell in shopping malls or wellness hotels
but on a more favorable price.
Our product brings
you the same quality,
are well known worldwide
600 g Salvento
Dead Sea
Pure Bath Salt
... and now please let us present you
the short form of our TV commercial, Available formats : 5-10-15 min.

which not only showcases Our product,
but will also support

Your business
We even offer you
to support your business
great upsell products
for just 2.5 USD each!
Mud Soap
600 g
Salvento Dead Sea Pure Body Mud
Price/4 piece kit
similar to Salvento
Eye Gel - 30 ml
Night cream - 50 ml
Mud mask - 50 ml
Face scrub / Peeling - 50 ml
Dead Sea
140 USD
199.30 USD
568.50 USD
338.86 USD
without having to advertise them.
Sell the kit and add your choosen upsell product with it, which you get for a discount price from us!
What makes the Dead Sea
and he
Sal-Vento products so Special?

Dead Sea water contains the highest quantity of minerals on the Earth
The best
moisture-conserving minerals
evolve in this area
The waters and the mud includes magnesium, calcium and other trace elements that have great healing effect on the human skin, the joints and the bone system
Anti-allergic, inflammation-reductive effects
It contains 26 different minerals and trace elements that infiltrate into our body through the skin
Average price/kit
311.67 USD
SAL-VENTO - Sal from the dead sea salt
and Vento from Air . Feel the Sal-Vento
Inovative Formula: Dead Sea minerals from Dead Sea Salt, and Mud mixed with Organic Vitamin extracts From the basic ABC formula ( Avocado- Brokkoli- Cucumber)
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