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The Greenhouse Effect

How Is Carbon Dioxide Causing An Enhanced Greenhouse Effect?

Rachael Mootilal

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect How is Carbon Dioxide Causing an Enhanced Greenhouse Effect? Reduce deforestation STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES!! Carbon Dioxide •It is one of the main greenhouse gases Human Activity and Carbon Dioxide •Carbon dioxide concentrations continue to grow-and between 1995 and 2005, growth rates were highest Carbon Dioxide & the Greenhouse Effect • It is a layer of gases in Earth's atmosphere
• Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. They trap the sun's thermal energy on its way back into space
• The higher the amount of greenhouse gases means the more heat is trapped • We need the greenhouse gases because without it warmth from the sun would reflect back into space and there would be no warmth on the Earth
• Earth's temperature will drop about 30 degrees Celsius and become inhospitable for most life
• When there is no sunlight it would be freezing cold and when there is sunlight it would be too hot (Mercury has no atmosphere) • The greenhouse effect is a natural part of the Earth but the rapid increase of greenhouse gases due to humans is NOT NATURAL! •Today's atmosphere contains 32% more carbon dioxide than it did at the start of the industrial era •Carbon dioxide has increased the most during the past 200 years The consequences of enhancing the greenhouse effect •loss of snow •Carbon dioxide has been rapidly increasing over the years due to human activity which is causing more warmth to be retained in the atmosphere and leading to GLOBAL WARMING!! Human activity is the main reason behind the rapid increase of Carbon dioxide •burning of fossil fuels (cars and transportation) •deforestation •intensive agriculture •home energy use •Humans have been altering the climate since the industrial era
•The making of all the new technology increases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
•We are changing the Earth by the way we live (e.g.driving a car to work adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere) •factories •urbanization and land use •The Carbon in the atmosphere was always stable because the natural processes removed as much carbon dioxide as they released
•Shrinking of wetlands is causing less carbon dioxide to be removed •animals that live in cold icy conditions will become extinct such as the polar bears •increase in sea level (many countries are below sea level) many people will lose their homes •there is a higher risk of hurricanes since they form in warm water How can we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions? Try using the car less such as walk or ride your bicycle to nearby destinations or carpool. We focus mainly on this gas because it is the gas that is most significantly increased due to human activity.
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