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Creating a Solid Pitch

No description

Josh Naaman

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Solid Pitch

3. The Solution*
Why is there a need for your product?

Why are you the best person to do this?

Investors look for undiscovered companies

Be the leader in your industry
2. The Problem*
Potential attention grabber for your pitch

Prepare yourself! (Know what you want to say)

The simpler the better (short, sweet, and to the point)

Build excitement with the big picture, but be reasonable

Be enthusiastic, passion sells
1. The Elevator Pitch*
1. The Elevator Pitch *

2. The Problem*

3. The Solution*

4. Addressable Market*

5. Revenue Model

6. Management Team/Board

7. The Competition*

8. Development Plan*

9. Contact Information / Cited Sources
The details and steps to your startup's success
Creating a
Solid Pitch

Essential Steps to a Pitch
What is your solution and why is it unique?

If it is a complex technology, explain in simple terms

Analogies can be helpful

Proof of concept (if you have no prototype, then visualize it)

Investors are only looking for results ($)
4. Addressable Market *
Investors need to know that you know the market

And if there is one

Know who you are targeting

What part of the market can you actually capture

Better to quantify with facts (data breakdowns)
5. Revenue Model
How will you generate revenue?

Show you have a grasp on reality:
Best case scenario
Projected (normal scenario)
Worst case scenario

Base each scenario on data from past and present

How will the revenue be used?
6. The Team
Lower initial risk with proven managers

Investors want to see a track record of the team (highlight accomplishments)

Better to have your idea functioning first (or at minimum a functioning team)

Can you form partnerships, raise capitol, and represent the company?
7. The Competition *
Know all you can about everyone you can

Be prepared to talk and answer questions about your competitors

How do you compare to the gold standard of the industry?

What do you do better?
8. Development Plan *
How will the company progress and grow?

Show a timeline of realistic expectations

Be able to explain your company’s goals and mission

Have a long-term business plan

Investors want tangible results ($)
9. Contact Info
& Cited Sources *
Don’t assume a decision will be made on the spot ever

What and when is the best way to get a hold of you?

Consider including contact info at beginning of pitch

Follow up with them

For the project, cite all sources on contact frame or it's own page of cited sources
* required in your Prezi Pitch
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