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8th grade 2-point perspective

Two point perspective

Nicole Merrell

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of 8th grade 2-point perspective

Perspective is a way to draw a three
dimensional scene on a 2-D surface.
Vanishing point...a point where things are so far away, they begin to "vanish"..kind of like this.......
This is the vanishing point.
with TWO point perspective, there's a left vp....
..and a right vp.
Getting everything right
when drawing perspective is hard,
what's wrong with this picture?
Now, let's practice!
Copy in your journal:
Persepctive is when you draw
a scene that's 3D
on a 2D surface.
2-point Perspective-when you draw
a scene using two vanishing points.
1960's style
Spanish style
Urban City Style
Now you choose...
LGS Aug.2011
What is perspective and what is a vanishing point?
What kind of architecture style are you using? What kind of details will you add to make it look like that style?
LGS Aug 29, 2011
Write the following down with a box beside each sentence.
1. Drawing clearly shows understanding of two-point perspective.
2. Drawing successfully represents the style of architecture chosen.
3. The drawing is finalized with shading or with color pencil.
4. The scene chosen portrays more than 10 unique details.
LGS Aug. 30, 2011
What do you need to
improve in your perspective drawings to get the
best grade you can get?

Wednesday is the last day to work on your perspective drawings, what details are you adding to finish it? Are you coloring or shading?

What Elements of Art are you using in this project. Describe for each one.
Example-value-by shading all the areas where there isn't any light.
Copy in your journal-
Atmospheric Perspective-
When objects that are closer are darker and objects that are farther look faded and muted.
What do the tops of
doors and windows line up with? What steps do you take to adding in a building?
1. What two schools did Kurt attend?
2. What art technique did he start in the
early 1980's in Europe?
3. How many hours does he spend on the
floor on his drawings?
4. In the beginning what made his creations
5. His early work was documented by ___________ in a
documentary film "Masterpieces in Chalk"

Copy in your journals:
Dismissal procedures-
1. All work areas must be clean
2. Projects must be placed NEATLY in the correct box
3. Students must be in their seats in order to be dismissed.
LGS 7th Period ONLY
Copy in your journals:
Entering class-QUIETLY and calmly get your
journal and go right to your seat
Work time-ONLY talking to the people at
YOUR table.
Failure to apply to these procedures WILL
result in a LONG frustrating year in art and a lot of morning detentions.

1. What style is your city scene?
2. What details allow the viewer to know this?
3. Take a look at the scene, are all the windows and doors aligned with the vanishing point?
4. What do you feel is successful about this drawing?
5. What things need improvement?
Copy in your journal with
the elements of art:
Space-an element of art that
indicates areas between, around,
above, below, or within an object.
Peer Critique-Answer the following
questions in a
complete sentence
on the back of your peer's project:
1. What architecture style has the artist drawn and is it clear without looking on the back?
2. Does it seem that the artist understands how to use the vanishing point?
why or why not?
3. What details has the artist added (besides windows and doors)
4. What is done successfully in this project?
5. What areas need improvement or what advice can you give the artist?

Answer the article questions in your journal
What two things can add realism and
texture to a drawing?

What is the difference
between shape and form?

Read pages 116-119
and answer the questions
on the handout.
Outside perspective drawing practice.
Pick a spot outside and draw a scene
showing the use of one or two point

Go to google-on your chromebook
type in-kurt+sidewalk artist
Read the article and write five
interesting facts from the article
about Kurt Wenner.
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