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police officers background info

No description

don wells

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of police officers background info

some technology that police use is i Ipads to track stolen phones or any stolen technology and they track down criminals that stole cars.
police also use recon scout throw bot to spy on the criminal to make sure they have the right guy/girl and the throw bot can take videos in the dark.

This prezi will tell u about college years for police salary info technology needed job skills and job description.
job description
education and training needed
In a police academy new recruits have to have 12-14 weeks of training after you go to college at a minimum of 2 years,for any type of police officer but to be a regular patrol officer you have to have 2 or more and some colleges you can go less than 2.
job skills
Some job skills used for a police are 1.) The skill to multi-task.
2.)Skill of good judgement and problem solving.
3.) The skill of caring for everybody everywhere.
Those are some of the job skills used for police officers.
salary info.
police and their
background info

police summary
The job description for a
police officer is they help
community and work close
with criminal justice and those who want to lower the amount of crime or those who have been affected.
police and their
background info

technology needed for police
The salary for police monthly is
3,208 wile in training but after training you get 4,348. Yearly police get 66,000$ if their a law enforcement officer.
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