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"A View from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller

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Hannah Ferguson

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of "A View from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller

"A View from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller
Italian Immigration

Italy in 1955 was a very poor country. After World War Two, the economy was slow to grow. With no jobs and no prospects, it was not surprising that many people decided to try their luck in 'rich' America. There was a thriving trade in illegal immigration, encouraged by the dockyard owners, who knew that they could get cheap labour from immigrants until they had paid for their passage over. Once they had paid their fare, the immigrants were left to make their own way.

Eddie & Catherine


Key relationship
Redhook - Brooklyn, New York 1950s
Learning Intentions
- Have a deeper understanding of the setting and context of the play.
- Identify features in a key relationship.
After reading page 13 - 14 discuss:

- what key features you notice about their relationship;
- what they mean to each other;
- how the audience would feel about seeing this on stage.


Next week:

* Meet Alfieri.
* Learn about the TRAGIC HERO.
* Find out what happens in the play!
Have a great weekend!
Learning Intentions:
* Recap on the setting and context of the play.
* Write a paragraph about Eddie and Catherine's relationship.
* Define Greek Chorus and Tragic Hero.
In pairs or on your own, write down
what you can remember about the
setting and context of "A View
from the Bridge".
Individual Task
Write 1 - 2
xplain paragraphs about Eddie and Catherine's
relationship at the beginning of the play.
- quotations;
- impressive vocabulary;
- linking words;
At the beginning of the play, it is unclear the exact status of Eddie and Catherine's relationship. Due to the way they interact with each other, the audience could easily mistake their closeness for a meaningful relationship perhaps boyfriend and girlfriend.
* Introduce suitable quote to exemplify this *
Learning Intentions:

- Discuss what the “Explanation” section of a PEE paragraph should look like.
- Edit and improve PEE paragraph – some tips.
- Annotate a poem in groups.


At the back of your jotters take the title “Critical Essay Tips” and the subheading “General”.

Discuss in pairs/groups exactly what you must do for each section of PEE.

Point -
Evidence -
Explanation –

- Use impressive formal language – show off!
- Write out all of your words in full.
- Never use I – instead use “the audience” (drama) / “the reader” (poetry/prose)
- Talk about the writer by their 2nd name eg. Miller/Duffy/Owen etc.
- Introduce larger quotations using a colon (:)
- Try to embed your quotations into sentences.

Point - what you want to say (notice) about a
situation, relationship, setting, theme etc. It
must be relevant to the question that you
are being asked.

Evidence - quotation that is introduced by you.

Explanation – The explanation must link back to
the question that you are being asked. Talk about how the audience/reader feels at this point and what it reveals about your characters.
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