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7th WWII Team Project

No description

Andrew Schuhmann

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of 7th WWII Team Project

You and your teammates/allies will create an innovative, creative project to
Students will be able to identify important events and battles of the European theater of WWII.
Students will be able to use creative thinking and teamwork skills, as well as applicable technology to create an innovative board game or video news report.
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: For our unit project on World War II, you will design either a board game (for up to four players) or a video news report which focuses on one section of the European theater in WWII! This project challenges you to exercise higher-level thinking skills—comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation, and most important, synthesis—to complete complex problem-solving tasks. The overall purpose of this project is to teach others about significant people and events of your chosen European theater ofWorld War II as well as explain why Germany and the Axis Powers lost the War. Once your projects are finshed, we will then play your board game or watch your news report!!
Create a mock video news report depicting important battles/events/troop movements in you chosen theater of war!

You should include a
an anchor broadcasting the news
a "weather report" depicting important battles/locations on a map
live interview with US or German Generals/soldiers
necessary graphs or charts
and more! Be CREATIVE!!

It should be scripted, videotaped, with video, green screen map to show movement/images, important battles or locations, etc
1)Create a a WWII Board Game!

2) Create a WWII Video Weather Report!

3) Have another idea? Run it by me!
OPTION 1: Create an interactive Board Game or Video game!

See my
Your teammates will be your Edmodo partners. Two teams for each (and your country must be involved in the campaign you choose!

3. The Western Front, 1939-1945, Britain, France, and U.S. vs. Germany and the Axis.
TOPICS: All topics should include who was involved in the campaign, how it begun, and how they ended. As well as:
1.The North Africa Campaign, 1940-1943*
Include The Desert Fox, The battles of Casablanca, Kasserine Pass, and El Alamein
2.The Italian Campaign, 1943-1945.*
Include the Battle for Sicily, Rome, and the Alps
3.The Western Front, 1939-1945,
the D Day invasion, The Battle of the Bulge, and the Race to Berlin
4.The Eastern Front, 1941-1945, Russia vs. Germany
Operation Barbarossa, The battle of Stalingrad, Leningrad, Moscow, and the March to Berlin
1.The North Africa Campaign, 1940-1943
2. The Italian Campaign
4. The Eastern Front:Russia vs Germany!
Create an interactive board game, or video game depicting the important people, events, battles , locations, troop movements, etc of your theater of WWII!
COMMON MATERIALS NEEDED FOR YOUR BOARD GAME: As you develop the concept for your board game, you will develop a better idea of the materials that you will need. Common materials include:1.dice or spinning wheel2.color note cards3.stiff material for the board that’s easy to cut (a “cannibalized” board from another game, foamcore, cardboard, tag board, thick construction paper)4.access to computer technology to create and print the board design or markers to draw your own design by hand.5.game pieces (your choice! If necessary, you can borrow pieces from other board games).6.sturdy tape and spray glue7.other?
You can find a comprehensive guide to building your board game on my website!
STEP 1: Research and Content Analysis: 1-2 days

You will become experts of the content by conducting online research with your group and on your own! A list of reliable websites is provided below.
You must properly cite your sources in your bibliography using APA format!
Google the OWL Reference Guide for assistance!


Use Lucid Chart, a Google Ap, to Organize your ideas! Write down words, people, places and/or questions that are associated with the topic of your game. .

What should you include?
Generate a list of essential elements and themes of the topic. Who what and where is essential to the telling of the story? Then you can brainstorm about how to include thes in your project.
How will you be evaluated?
You will be graded as much on the PROCESS of this project, as mush as the final product.
Are you using class time effectively?
Are you being a responsible teammate?
Are you being creative and innovative? etc

Daily Check In: Effort and Achievement Charts
Creativity and Innovation "Process" Student Rubric
Collaboration Rubric
How much time do we have?
We will utilize 6-7 class days to research and creating your projects. Then 1-2 days to play your games and watch your news reports!
STEP 2: Brainstorming how to include your events in your game or news report: 1-2 days
Start creating the "blue print" for your project
Diagram your ideas using Lucid Chart
What items will you need for your board game? What kind of game will it be?

What scenes will you need for your news report? How will you depict the information?
Write your script, etc.
STEP 3: Put it all together!!
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