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julianna inpravong

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Monarchy

A benefit of having Monarchy, is that there is only one ruler so it is easier to make decisions. That means there is less time arguing about laws.
A country led by a monarch has less corruption, they know that they won't just lead for a term so there is not much greed for money.
Presentation by: Aurora, Enrique, Gage, Julianna, Sujay
Type of government
Ruled by a king or queen
Power is inherited
Sometimes share power with other parts of the government
Overview of Monarchy
Many philosophers believed that Monarchy and ruling the country with a King and Queen would be best.

Philosophical Ideas

A drawback for having monarchy as a form of government would be that the power is inherited which means ONLY descendants or relatives can take over power if the king/queen dies.

Draw backs
For Example....

American democracy vs Monarchy
A similarity is that we have congress and England has a parliament which is the same thing
A difference is that we (Monarchy) don't have a constitution, and the American does which is the U.S constitution
Believed in a king that would rule citizens fairly
Although he believed in Monarchy, he was cautious about it because he knew there could be selfish, cruel rulers
Queen Elizabeth II
Modern example
Thomas Hobbes
Believed that people are naturally wicked and thought government was made to protect self-centered people
We accept monarchy because ...
It has less corruption
It is lead by one person so laws and decisions are made faster
not having to worry and take time to elect people to rule
Thought that a king would put more determination into the political authority
Queen Elizabeth II getting crowned
Parents: Queen Elizabeth I & George VI
She was crowned and pronounced queen in 1953
Currently holds the record for longest reigning British Monarch, 63 years.
Historical and Modern Examples
Some examples of old and current monarchs would be...
Parents: Ptolemy XII Auletes & Cleopatra V of Egypt
She co-regent with her 10 year old brother after her father died in 51 BC
Died in 30 BC
Comparison to Lord of The Flies
In the Lord of The Flies, Jack is the cruel dictator who controls his tribe with force. It is different from Monarchy because the king and queen don't have absolute power.
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