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No description

Fatima Abdullah

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of STEP PROJECT

Action Plan STEP PROJECT September 2012 To Provide a STEP service
through overseeing a complete plan
to pay (P2P) supply chain process LCM Mission What are the steps
of STEP Project ? 1- Safe

2- Timely

3- Effective

4- Efficient

5- Equitable

6- Patient-
Centered Priority
Responsibility Step Project Manager Lean Project Manager Star Project Manager Step Project Manager Secondary
Responsibility Step Project Manager .... .... Review & assess management of recalls for medications, supplies, devices, equipment, supplies, and purchased services in an expeditious manner and assure that recalled products are removed from potential use in accordance with current APP/DPP and best practices 1 Ensure appropriate storage of supplies and equipment to meet regulatory requirements and safe access and handling for staff and that proper temperature and humidity controls are employed in storage facilities to assure product life Ensure that proper safety precautions are employed in the warehouse and distribution process (fork lifts, back braces, etc.) Ensure product conversions are coordinated and staff receive clear communications and education when needed. Employ multi-disciplinary product evaluation process to ensure that those affected by product decisions are represented in the product selection and decision-making activities to ensure that all products acquired meet regulatory fitness for use criteria Manage dated product to ensure removal of expired/obsolete products Support data standards (GS1). Barcode Point of Care (BPOC) System Develop and maintain vendor access programs/credentialing policies and procedures to assure that those who enter into patient care areas comply with the same requirements held of those employed in the healthcare organization Disaster Medication Formulary Disaster Medication Formulary

GS1 Implementation
( Barcode Point of Care "BPOC" System )


Warehouse Safety priorities
2012-2013 1- Disaster Medication Formulary

2- GS1 Implementation
( Barcode Point of Care "BPOC" System ) priorities
2012 Disaster Medication
Formaulary GS1
Implementation Lean Project Manager CARE ESSENCE SUPER employees suppliers end-users SAFE 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 6- Patient-
Centered 1- Safe 2- Timely 3- Effective 4- Efficient 5- Equitable 2 * Location Identification for
Healthcare GS1 Global
Location Number ( GLN ) * Product Identification for
Healthcare GS1 Global
Trade Item Number ( GTIN ) * Product Definition for
Healthcare GS1 Global Data
Synchronization Network (GDSN) * The United Nation Standard
Products and Services Code
( UNSPSC ) 1 prepared by:
Fatimah Al Faiez 43828
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