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Cirque Du Freak. A living nightmare... By: Darren Shan

No description

branden herbert

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Cirque Du Freak. A living nightmare... By: Darren Shan

Cirque Du Freak. A Living Nightmare... By: Darren Shan
main event 7
After a couple of days his vampire powers became noticable, he ran super fast, he was really strong, and when a soccer ball flew across the cafeteria when he cuaght it it nails dug into it and it poped in his hand. Steve got really suspicious and started to follow Darren and watch him.
main event 6
When they took Steve to the hospital none of te doctors knew what kind of poison it was. After a couple of days Darren goes to the theater to see if Crepsly is still there. when Darren got there Crepsley was waiting for him at a table. darren asked for a cure but Crepsley said he would only save Steve if Darren joined him as his assistant. So darren became half vampire to save Steve's life.
Main Event 4
Later that night Darren realized he really wanted Madam Octa. So he woke himself up at like 2 am and ran to the theater. He Walked around until he found a set of stairs leading down. As he walked down it got colder. When he was down Madam Octa was in her cage on the ground. So he took her left a note and went home.
main event 5
After a month or so Darren showed steve the spider. Darren made it do all the tricks it did the the freak show. During one of the spiders tricks Darren's little sister walked in and screamed. From that the spider got scared and bit Steve and injected him with poison wich paralyzed him.
Main Event 3
After the show when they start to leave Steve told Darren to go home without him, so Darren "left" but he went up on a balcony and watched what Steve did. Steve told Mr.Crepsley who he was and Steve asked to be made a vampire assistant.
Main Event 2
The Freak show shows at an old abandoned theater. when Mr.Crepsley came out Steve's mouth dropped is aw. After the freak show ended Steve told Darren that Mr.Crepsley was the vampire from the comic books.
Main Event 1
At the middle of the begining of the book Steve finds the flyer for the freak show. When he bought the tickets (2). Hes had to choose who to take and he threw the ticket in the air and Darren catches the ticket.
mr.crepsley was in the freak show. He is a vampire from comic books. his act is a massive spider named Madam Octa. He controls her by playing a flute.
Darren shan
Steve is Darren's best friend, he has the same friends as Darren. Steve is also kid you dont want to mess with.
Darren is a good soccer player, he does not have many friends other than Steve, Alan and some other kids.
Main event 8
After a day or two he went to the cellar to find Crepsley and darren asked when he will be a true assistant. Crepsley said for him to become a true vampire assistant he had to be killed.
Main event 9
After a couple of days Crepsly gave darren a potion to slow his heartrate, and breathing so it seemed like he was dead. Then Crepsley took his neck and snaped it(somehow not killing him). Then he threw darren out of his window to seem like he had fallen.
main event 10
Once a neighbor found him they ran to their front door and took him to a hospital. He sat in the hospital for a couple days to a week or two. Once he was put in his coffin they took him and burried him. once he got burried crepsley dug him out. Darren was really stiff so he went for a walk and got tackled by steve and put a wooden stake to his heart and threatend him.
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